Vampire stories are always so interesting. There are blood, fangs, red eyes and the whole dark era feel that excites the audience. Over the decades, we have witnessed multiple movies and TV series that have displayed vampire love stories but very few have shown a different version.

That’s where Van Helsing enters. This series has completed 4 seasons and doesn’t seem that it will stop soon. Even after 4 years, you will find it trending on Netflix’s list. That shows how engaging the story-line is!

The plot revolves around Abraham Van Helsing’s daughter “Vanessa Helsing”. Yes, the lead of the series is a female and we couldn’t be more proud! Vanessa is resurrected and she realizes that the world is not run by rich humans but by vampires. She also realizes that she has a unique power over them that means vampires will be scared of her. Vanessa is humanity’s last hope in bringing balance back to the scale on Earth.

If the plot didn’t excite you already, we have 5 bloody reasons why you must watch Van Helsing on Netflix.


Kelly Overton is the best choice for Vanessa Helsing

Often few actors leave a spark on a character in such a way that no one else could do the role better than them. Kelly Overton is one such bad-ass actress who brings Vanessa Helsing to life and this role seems to match her completely. In the series, she has unique powers like turning the infected vampires back into humans, haling faster than an average human & also how to deal with them!

What we like about Van Helsing is how they’ve found the right actor to do this part. Kelly is Vanessa and no one would do more justice to the lead role as she does!


The ladies in Van Helsing know how to kick ass!

Van Helsing not only has a female lead but also multiple actresses that are in supporting roles. These girls aren’t your average females. They know how to kick ass and in the meanest way ever. Rukiya Bernard plays the role of “Doc”, a human turned into a vampire & Alison Wandzura has done a fantastic job.

What we like about Van Helsing is how they haven’t stereotyped anything and given female vampires a bad-ass look!


Van Helsing has amazing Vampires too

Paul Johansson, Laura Mennell, Aleks Paunovic and many more play the roles of vampires in the series. They aren’t just your age-old vampires. They’re the new age outlaws that have a sense of style and know-how to maintain their stock of blood! Whether it’s a male or a female vampire, you’ll be stunned with their wits and looks.

What we like about the series is how they have portrayed the new age vampires and also maintained the classic blood-thirst moments too.


There’s a special bond between 2 characters

In the series, each character is carefully crafted by the makers. In the story, there’s a special bond that gets formed between two characters “Sam” & “Mohamed”. “Sam” is played by Christopher Heyerdahl who has a hearing impairment that affects his speech. On the other hand, “Mohamed” played by Trezzo Mahoro is the only one that understands sign language. Hence a unique bond is formed and it is heartwarming.

What we like about Van Helsing is how they have checked each aspect in detail. We appreciate series with attention to detail and Van Helsing is one of them.


Van Helsing has an ace creator in the form of Neil LaBute

If you’re looking for a brilliant mind that created such a beautiful series, then you must check Neil LaBute. He’s been an ace writer and director whose resume will raise quite a few eyebrows.

What makes Neil different from the rest is the mix of emotions and the genre that he has added in Van Helsing. Hence, the show will be enjoyed by a large audience and you must watch it soon if you haven’t already!