When you read a book or watch a story that is based on true events, everyone gets interested after a certain point. When you understand the matter was serious, then this story gets hyped to another level. That’s what happened when Netflix threw a bomb at the world in the form of “Unbelievable”.

Based on the true events of a brutal rape reported by the victim and the search for the culprits, this is one of Netflix’s most controversial subject-based TV series. But it’s not just controversial; it is also a topic that must be witnessed to understand what goes on in the mind of the victim and also the psyche of rapists.

We understand some of you might find this topic as horrifying but without knowing the whole story, it is not wise to draw any conclusions. Hence we will give you a few valid reasons why you must not miss out on Unbelievable.


Unique storytelling

The best part about Unbelievable is that they have a unique way of storytelling. The story is portrayed in a feminist kind of way where you will see the victims having a voice of their own as they share the horror each went through. The main crux of the story is – 2 girls are raped in their homes. One girl’s story is believed by all, the other girl gets doubted upon!

What we like about the series is how they’ve shown the whole story from different sides. It will pain you to see the horror that Amber and Marie go through


Yes, it is indeed based on a TRUE STORY

For those who think this is just some fan fiction, we are sorry to disappoint you. This series is based on the story of Marie Adler who gave the police her statement on the brutal rape. At that point, Police officers did express their doubts. This story was captured in an article back in 2015 and later published.

What we like is that the real story did have a good ending as Marie did get justice years later and she now lives a happy life with her husband and children. However all the years in between she was shown as a girl who reported a false rape claim which did tarnish her life. A story as such is very powerful!


The casting makes the story look real like

Merritt Wever portrays the role of Detective Karen Duvall who wants to crack this case and gives the troubled girl compassion when everyone in the police precinct is showing doubt. Toni Colette is another detective that will join the case with Duvall to find the real culprit.

What we like however is the main lead cast of the girl raped i.e. Amber played by Danielle Macdonald. The way she’s expressed her feelings and emotions to show real-life Marie’s story is outstanding!


Some truths will not be easy to watch

Unbelievable captures a lot of incidents that do take place in real life. One of the highlights will be the slow coach approach any justice system takes. There’s another main highlight. Many females might reconsider even reporting a sexual assault report because of the backlash you might face.

What we like about this series is how they’ve captured and displayed the harsh truth for all of us to see.


Unbelievable has caught the attention of the masses

Not only has the story gained attention but also the lead actors playing the detectives and rape victims have received rave reviews for their performance. People all over the world have begun talking about it and even it released a couple of months back, to date, this series trends daily on Twitter.

What we like about the series is that the seriousness of the girl’s story makes this show a must-watch series. We aren’t asking you to watch this out of excitement or entertainment but to get first-hand information on what happens when a girl goes through rape and then takes the courage to come out and share her experience with the Police.

So these are 5 strong reasons why we believe watching Unbelievable is important for all. Will you watch this epic series now? Comment below with your thoughts!