About to plan a trip to Europe? Well then, you need to start planning it now for your summer vacation. Make your dream come true of visiting beautiful Europe and enjoying the best of it. In fact, here is a list that can help you with your packing. Check out the following tips and get to your business instantly.

Pick the RIGHT suitcase

It might seem a bit trivial. But your suitcase plays a huge role for the trips you are taking. Hence, it is important that you get the right one before you start packing for your trip. And you obviously need to create a detailed itinerary that you will be following for which you will then choose the right size of your suitcase. If you are going to stay in one place or a hotel, you need to opt for a single large suitcase. 

Alternatively, if you will be moving a lot around and staying in different hotels, you should opt for a carry-on bag. It would be much easier for you to carry it around as you explore the many cities in Europe.

Take a Hardshell Carry-on

You read it right. The best and most durable option of a carry-on is the hardshell one. Not only does it offer you enough space, but it also saves you a lot of money as you would not have to pay extra fees and wait at the luggage carousel. In short, this kind of carry-on is more than perfect for your trip. Do remember to check if the carry-on has a laptop compartment in it, in case you are about to carry your laptop along with you. Also, check if there are a few zipper sections to keep the travel essentials in. 

Stick to the Wardrobe Basics

When it comes to the kind of clothes you need to pack, it all depends on the destination you are going to. Basically, summer in Scotland is different from the summer in Italy. Nonetheless, there are some wardrobe essentials that you should pack no matter what. Begin with the socks and underwear. Again, the number you take is entirely based on your itinerary. And if you are going to explore different adventures like trekking and so on, do not forget to take the right trekking pants and so on. 

Take Comfy Footwears

Spending a couple of weeks in Europe means that you’ll spend a lot of time walking around and exploring mostly on foot, which is exactly why you need to pay extra attention to the footwear you’ll bring. This makes your footwear an important part of your list. Pick up the most comfortable pair of shoes for your trip that would not eat your feet as you walk your way around Europe. 

Also, ensure that the shoes are lightweight, trendy and stylish at the same time. Because it is only a multipurpose shoe like this that can give you the best time and comfort as you explore Europe. Additionally, do not forget to take your flip-flops with you. It would help you while you stay at a camp or in the hotel room. 

Use Layering as an Advantage

As mentioned initially, you will need to take very few clothes with you in your suitcase based on your trip plan. This means that you will have to learn how to layer these clothes. In fact, Europe is good a tricking. So, there are times where you can feel cold and there would be times where it would feel really hot. Being prepared and layering your clothes would help you here. 

Besides that, you should also understand that many churches and cathedrals don’t allow shoulders to be showing, so remember to always bring a lightweight sweater or a cardigan when you leave your hotel room. Additionally, the extra layers would also help in protecting your skin from any sunburn. 

Wrap Up

From this, you can see there are a lot of things that you will need to take care of if you are planning a trip to Europe. So, instead of leaving everything for the last moment, it is better to begin working on your plan right now. Start off by preparing an itinerary and follow the guidelines!