Perhaps, in an ideal world, all our days would be bright and cheerful. But here, we have our share of good with the bad. So, what do we do when we feel our day is going awry? Do we sulk our way through it or take active measures to make ourselves feel better? In this article, we will go through six tips that will help you make a bad day better:


Sit with your feelings


Escaping and distracting yourself from what you are feeling will only get you so far. There will come a point when even the best distractions won’t help you. Thus, learning how to be okay with facing your feelings head-on is very important. Seek out a quiet place around you and keep your phone away. Focus on what you are feeling. Is it guilt, uncertainty, anger, or disappointment? Whatever it is, know that running from it is not the solution. You have to meet yourself where you are and make yourself feel better from there. If you go to therapy or know of tools to relax, use them too.


Look for things to be grateful for


Gratitude is a magical thing. It helps us focus on things that are indeed going right in our life. It reminds us of our capabilities and the kind people we have around us too. Moreover, when we tend to magnify a bad day, gratitude comes in and puts things back in perspective. Because putting a label on a day – as bad – somewhere limits its possibilities too. So, if you are feeling upset today, grab a piece of paper and make a list of things that went well today. These things do not have to be extraordinary – even mundane things like getting your usual cup of coffee, no traffic on your way to work, wearing your favorite outfit count for something.


Go for a walk


The outdoors are a great way to make ourselves feel better on such days. You can spend a good hour or so in the park, listening to music and taking a quiet stroll by yourself. You can also call up your friend/s and walk together. Nature tends to have a healing effect on us. The different colors, the sound of birds, and the sky above remind us of the beauty that exists around us, even on bleak days. The physical exertion of walking (or running if you prefer that) will release endorphins and make you feel better about yourself. You may run into a cute dog or an adorable baby in the park too – and who doesn’t love that?


Talk to someone


Be it your partner, a relative, or a colleague – let out what you are feeling. Sometimes, we may need someone to listen to us. For others, venting may also mean looking for advice. Knowing what you want in such a situation helps a lot. If you are hesitating to reach out to someone – know that your problems are valid and that you deserve to be heard.

But of course, do not forget to ask their permission before doing so. Make sure they are in the headspace to listen to you in a way that is healthy for them too.


Write it down


Another way to vent is to pen down what we are feeling. You can do so in a journal, write a poem, or simply pour out all the thoughts you have in mind without any restraint. This helps us feel light and relieves us of the burden of carrying our worries everywhere we go. If you feel you are unable to articulate things – give yourself some time. Even one line can make a difference.


“It’s a bad day and not a bad life” – Mary Engelbreit


Feelings of sadness or despair often feel all-consuming. So much so that we think that this is how we are going to feel forever, or that there is no end to it. But that is of course, not true. And the above quote sums it up perfectly. All feelings are transient. They come and go. When we keep reminding ourselves of that, we are likely to feel hopeful again.