First dates can be tough. The prospect of meeting a new person and possibly finding exactly what you’ve been looking for is bound to bring nerves. So you definitely don’t need the added stress of figuring out what to wear. No matter how impressive a wardrobe you have or how many perfect outfits you have, first dates are a challenge when it comes to styling. Finding the perfect combination of comfort and “dress to impress” can be difficult.

So here, we have compiled a few styling tips for when you’re getting ready for a first date. Fret not, it’ll be as easy as a breeze.


Things to Keep in Mind

  •         Be Yourself: You want to wear clothes that are true to you. Don’t go on a shopping trip for something you may not wear again. You want to impress your date by yourself, not a new version you’ve just purchased. So stick to something that’s comfortable and matches your personal style.
  •         Choosing the Right Colour: If you’re confused about colors, choose something that suits you or something you’ve been complimented for.
  •         Venue Research: If you’re worried about standing out, ask your date where he’s taking you. Once you know the place, you can check out the ambiance and choose an outfit accordingly. You may not necessarily want to go to an upscale restaurant in shorts and a tank top or wear a fancy dress to the movies, right?
  •         Less is Enough: When it comes to revealing skin on a first date, follow the simple rule of “Less is Enough”. You don’t want to reveal all your secrets at once, do you? There’s something attractive about holding on to a bit of mystery, so use that. For makeup, being natural is the best way to go for a first date. Caking yourself up too much can go against you.
  •         Fitting Matters: You want to wear clothes that fit you just right. Wearing clothes that are too tight is not always appreciated and it can really cramp you out. On the other hand, oversized clothes tend to hide you. Instead, opt for something that highlights your figure but not in a vulgar way.
  •         Fail-Safes: A few fail-safe options are

o   Jeans and blouse with simple converse or flats.

o   A simple sundress with wedges or pumps.

o   A jacket with a denim outfit and a cardigan with a dress are the best options for a chilly outing.


Mistakes to Avoid

  •         Try not to stress too much. Yeah, first dates are about first impressions so you want to look sharp, but the true measure of a person becomes evident subsequently. So Don’t drive yourself into a wall with the worry.
  •         We know it’s a little obvious, but wear something freshly laundered. You may love that dress and have probably worn it for just an hour or two. But even that can leave stains, odor, and wrinkles. Do you really want to look crumpled or unkempt?
  •         When it comes to showing off a part of you, choose one. Killer arms? Go sleeveless. Attractive collarbone? A scooped neckline. Toned legs? A knee-length skirt. Don’t mix everything together. There’s a fine line between sexy and trashy, which side do you want to be on?
  •         A slicked-back hair look or sleek buns aren’t best suited for a date. These are more suited to professional get-togethers or fancy events. On a first date you want to look approachable, so ditch that bun and let your hair loose. Try out a half up-do or just a casual ponytail.
  •         Check your makeup to make sure it isn’t too much or running off. Be extra careful with your lipstick. Your sultry red may look great on the lips, but not so great with stained teeth.


Remember, the key to having the perfect first date experience is not in the perfect outfit. It’s in having a good tie and not letting the other things carry you away. Be free and happy. But more than that, be true yourself!