Not a day passes when I don’t feel the need to snack between meals. Even if you have the most fulfilling meal, the urge to snack comes back like a monster with a need for vengeance. And this urge usually the strongest between lunch and dinner. When that happens, a lot of us turn to junk food. But how healthy is that?

Mid-day snacking can be turned into a healthy adventure pretty easily. In fact, this is the easiest way to add those extra nutrients to your diet which your daily meals might be lacking. Another great reason to snack between meals is that it keeps you from over-eating during the proper meals. Further, frequent snacking keeps your metabolism working. This is why a lot of nutritionists recommend grabbing a bite of food every 2-3 hours.

In this article, we have compiled a few options for you to snack on the next time hunger strikes in the middle of the day. These will leave you full without worrying about putting on weight!


Spruce up the Sprouts

I know what you’re thinking: Sprouts? As unappealing as sprouts may seem, these are actually a great option for snacking. Spruced up with a few condiments, these can make for a delicious snacking option that you will get obsessed with. Take some fresh sprouts and add some finely chopped beans, onions, and potatoes to it. Add some charred broccoli for a smoky flavor. For the dressing, you can add olive oil or apple cider vinegar. Mix it all up and you have yourself a delectable snack! You can even add carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, and practically any other vegetable.


Steamed Oat Cakes

These are based on a special south Indian dish, natively called Idli. Give this Indian delight a healthy twist by making it with some oats. Make a batter with roasted and ground oats, grated carrot and chopped chilies. This batter is poured into a mold and then steamed till cooked. Conventional Idlis are eaten with a coconut or coriander sauce, but you can have them even with a Schezwan sauce.


Millet Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? What if I said that your cookies can be not just delicious, but super high on the calcium, without having to dip them in milk? A miracle, right? Well, that’s what you get with finger millet cookies. Just as crumbly and so much tastier, with these you don’t have to worry about keeping your hands off the cookie jar!


Whole Wheat Muffins

Speaking of healthy baked goods. You absolutely need to try some whole wheat muffins. To make the batter, all you need is whole wheat flour, wheat bran cereal, brown sugar, and low-fat milk. These will substitute the relatively unhealthy ingredients of a muffin, basically the refined flour and the sugar. To make the snack even more interesting, you can have it with some freshly made apple sauce. You have yourself the perfectly healthy bakery product, folks!


Make a Customized Granola Bar

Tired? Granola Bar! Starving? Granola Bar! Quick fix? Granola Bar!

The wonder granola bar is the two-word answer to almost every snack requirement you have. While they taste amazing and have all the necessary nutrition, they also have a whole lot of preservatives. So why not make yourself your own granola bar, which won’t have all those fattening preservatives? All you need is honey and brown sugar to sweeten it and nuts and berries. Grab some walnuts, raisins, flax, cardamom, oats, and berries from your supermarket and you’re all set!


Quick Tips to Keep Snacking Fun!

  • Keep trying new recipes, repeating them will get boring eventually.
  • Snack every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism running.
  • Don’t skip the carbs altogether, instead, mix them up with some protein.
  • Don’t get distracted when you’re snacking, be mindful of what you eat.
  • Plan your meal and your snacks well in advance. Having to make it last minute will surely leave you reaching for the junk food.