The unspoken misery of the work grind getting you down? The untold demands of a less than sympathetic boss being the proverbial millstone ‘round your neck? Or is it simply the unforgiving and punishing routine of work life that’s got you weary and worn? If you nodded along to one or all of these questions, then, you sistah, need a break from it all! May we suggest that you practice some of our de-stress techniques to help you recover from your rough work week. Besides this, they’ll also keep you primed and prepared to and get up and do it all over again next week!

Cut the cord

Ugh! Don’t you just hate it when work follows you around everywhere? No matter how much you love and cherish it (or even you don’t), you sometimes (or always!) find the need to leave it behind, if at all possible. Especially after a particularly trying few days, it’s best to cut off all association, as far as possible. Don’t bring any work back home with you, and try and meet people who aren’t colleagues, clients, or associates on the weekend – heck, why not spend some time with the family? In a phrase – make a clean break. This will help you recharge your batteries, refresh your mind, and renew your vigor for the battles that lie ahead.

Me, me, me

After a high-intensity and grueling time at work, the weekend that follows could be spent with the person that’s most important to you. If you’re a bit perplexed right now, the most important person (at least in this case) is you! Some alone time, coupled with some R&R is just the ticket! In the stillness and the quiet, you can choose to pamper yourself and be alone with your thoughts. That aside, if you feel the need to assess the goings on of the week just past, you could choose to do this as well. This could help you chart the path that’s before you, and help you plan and proceed in a positive frame of mind.

Head to distraction district

Don’t believe what anyone else tells you, a well-balanced life is indeed the one that’s most sought after. So do something you truly enjoy and love on the weekend, and do it gusto and intensity, and oh, don’t hold back! Now, if it’s a movie or a TV show marathon that gets your heart singing, then do that. If it’s a weekend break with a significant other that floats your boat, then head that way. Hey, if it’s paintballing, cooking, playing a musical instrument, sports and… and anything else – go for it with a devilish fervor. Short of trotting out the trite “work hard, play hard” line, always try to lead a well-balanced life, tough work week or not.

The land of Nod

Overlooked and underestimated to a large degree, sometimes all it takes to recover from the rigors of work is some good ol’ fashioned sleep! After the runaround your professional life has given you the past few days, coupled with the intense pressure and the impossible and incessant demands, rest and repose are always at a luxury. Now, here’s your chance to sleep the weekend away – hey we won’t tell if you don’t!

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