Are you a frequent traveler? Well, then packing your suitcase might seem like a headache always. In fact, if you have to pack light, you might get confused as to what you should carry and what you shouldn’t. Don’t worry, as all of us have been in the same ditch too. But as years have passed, we tend to learn a lot of things when it comes to packing a suitcase perfectly from both our triumphs and failures. 

But for those who haven’t yet learned all yet, here are some tips that would help you have a perfectly packed suitcase for your next trip:

Purchase the Suitcase You Would love to Use Again & Again


This is very important, especially for frequent travelers. You need to search and buy the suitcase that speaks to you. It should have the perfect layout, size and compartment density. Just ensure that the suitcase you get is at most 21 inches tall. This is because it is the standard size that international carriers approve off. You don’t want trouble at the check-in counter.

 Mix & Match the Layers Always


While you pack your clothes even if it is a freestyle outfit or you have a packing list, always think of what can be layered together. You can pick up a versatile pair of pants, a jacket or coat that can match most of your outfits, and fill the rest with sweaters and tops. 

But just so you know, there is no restriction as to how many pants or jeans you can take along. So, if you have space in your suitcase after you have added all the essentials, throw in another pair of jeans or pants or some dresses.

 Roll Your Clothes & Pack in Cubes


You might have seen this idea in many online videos shared by YouTubers. And it is a great idea. In fact, if you are planning to stay long on your trip and need many clothes to carry along, the best way to save space is by rolling them. By rolling any lightweight clothes, you will also be able to add many other clothing options to your suitcase.

Along with this, your suitcase would not look shabby, but neat and tidy. Additionally, if you want to try something different, then try out packing cubes. It will help you organize and compress your items in various compartments of your suitcase. Plus, it would make it perfectly and neatly packed. 

Wear Your Bulkiest Coat & Shoes on the Flight


Clothes are easier to pack, but when it comes to packing your shoes, it is a pain for even the most organized traveler. The only way to get around this is by wearing the bulkiest shoes for your flight. And to add to this as a bonus, wear the bulkiest jacket on the flight as well. This will help you save a lot of space in your suitcase. 

Moreover, if you want to pack more than one pair of shoes, then use them as a cloth bag. This means that you can add clothes to your shoes. All you need to do is roll your clothes, or socks and put them in. You can also add small items in the shoes so that you get enough space out of it.

Bring Your Own Laundry Bag


Packing your suitcase when you are about to leave for a trip is one thing. And packing it when you are coming back is another. In fact, if your trip is a short one and you wouldn’t have time to wash your clothes, it is always better to take your own laundry bag with you. You might not get a good quality laundry bag from the place you are going. And packing dirty clothes with the rest of your stuff, later on, isn’t a good idea. Hence, it is better to take your laundry bag with you. 

Keep Laptops & Liquids Near the Surface

Once you have added all your clothes and shows, it is time to pack your toiletries and laptop now. Always keep these two things for the last. By doing this, you would not have trouble removing it in case there is a security check on the screening line.