Travel somewhere is supposed to feel relaxing and fun. Nevertheless, it is often stressful with the planning that goes into it and surprises along the way. And the worst thing about this is that travelers are often told to ditch their devices and apps to bring on relaxation and disconnect from stress back home. 

In fact, phones and apps are a means to help you make the process of your travel smoother. From the nervous flyer to the person who wants to make the hotel room feel like home, here are some devices and apps that make the travel experience a little easier.

Devices To Take While Traveling

Let us first talk about the various devices that you should take while traveling. These include:

For the plane ride

Let’s face it, air travel is stressful. Crowds, TSA checks, and delays make it a big hurdle when traveling to a vacation destination. Noise-canceling earbuds can help block out some of the commotions.

Bose Sleepbuds help people fall and stay asleep on flights. Fitted to the user’s ear, they seal out noise and renders them inaudible with 10 pre-loaded sleep tracks. It can also wake users up with an alarm set via the accompanying app.

For the hotel or rental

Jetlag is a major problem travelers encounter. Sometimes it helps just to have aid to get to sleep. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device projects a soft blue light to help people focus on inhaling and exhaling. After an eight or twenty-minute cycle, users will feel ready to fall asleep.

Although hotels or rentals should feel like home, they don’t always smell like it. Bringing along an air purifier can help with smell or act as a white noise machine. The Pure Company’s Air Purifier is lightweight and only needs two to three drops of essential oils to start freshening up a room.

Tossing in a USB stick is simple. When you have access to Netflix or Hulu accounts, there are plenty of shows and movies to help with the boredom. Since most hotels feature large tv screens, it’s easier to stream rather than huddle around one smartphone or tablet. Roku even has a bypass for the hotel’s wifi required sign-in. It’s Hotel & Dorm feature allows users to log in to wifi via their smartphone

Sure, the modern hotel or house rental has just about everything patrons want, but that does not mean it is always perfect for relaxation. Charges for Wifi or limited tv channel offerings can quickly bring on the boredom if a bad weather day cancels plans. Travelers should consider packing a streaming stick.

Travel Apps to Use

Now that you know all about the various devices you should take along, let us talk about the apps that would help you along the way.

 For the nervous flyer

It’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit scared when flying. However, utilizing these tools helps keep nerves in check. For an in-flight therapist, try Valk. This app provides breathing and calming exercises for preparing for a flight. If flyers experience panic during a bad round of turbulence, they can hit the panic button to talk through the fear with an automated therapist. 

To keep yourself organized

Sometimes even the preparation for a trip is stressful. But never fear, there’s an app for that. Can’t remember to bring a charger? Packing Pro asks users to plug-in where they’re going and for how many days. The app produces a suggested list of items to bring along on the trip. It even lets users generate lists for partners or children. 

Need an itinerary? Worldmate organizes all travel information in one app. Rather than jumping around to various booking websites or creating one long note, this app produces an organized trip plan. Users just add in information like where they’re staying, restaurant reservations, and events.

Wrap Up

Travel takes a lot out of people through all of its stages. From planning a trip to traveling to a location to staying overnight in a new place, it can be hard to feel relaxed sometimes. But with the help of technology like relaxing apps or noise-canceling headphones, travel can go much more smoothly.