After you wrap up your wedding, the exhaustion from all the festivities is real. You just want to get out of the city and spend some peaceful and happy time with your partner. If Europe is on your mind, choosing which places to go to can be a bit of a hassle, as it is filled with so many places that are beautiful and captivating.

But planning these things in advance is crucial as well, otherwise, you may have to shell out extra money for bookings and reservations everywhere just because you were a couple of weeks late. So, to help you chalk out your itinerary here’s a list of the must-visit places in Europe:


Santorini, Greece


Does it get any better than experiencing calm beaches and magnificent sunsets with the love of your life? Visit the black pebble beach and the active volcano at Santorini to make the best of this place. If you like wine tasting, you can go to Santo Wines to do just that behind a lovely sunset. You can stay here for three to four days, and the time between late April and Early November is perfect to come to Santorini.


Paris, France


Paris is not known as the city of love just like that. The cobbled streets, colorful architecture, quaint cafes, and the soulful music on the roads all add to the charm of this place. You can come here between June to September with your partner and experience this city to the fullest. There is ample opportunity in Paris to take late-night strolls, eat cute bakery items, and admire at age-old architecture all you want. Sounds dreamy enough? Then book your tickets soon!


Budapest, Hungary


Budapest pairs art, culture, and nightlife in the best way possible. Come over here between September to November to have a field time visiting the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Royal Palace. You can take a relaxing bath at the thermal springs here too. There are many historical places here that are worth visiting with your partner!


Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is almost like a melting pot of cultures, with influences from Asia as well as Europe. Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia are all must-visit places here. If you want to go on a cruise, the Bosphorus cruise is a must. Apart from the tourist attractions, the food here is delicious too – so have your fill of the authentic Istanbul breakfast on your stay. September to mid-November is usually the best time to come to Istanbul.


Hvar, Croatia


If all you and your partner want is some moments of quiet relaxation and calm, you have to come to Hvar, Croatia. This place has everything that you need to let go of the stress and exhaustion that comes from planning and being in a wedding.

Take long bike rides, visit vineyards, and bays to your heart’s content when here in Hvar. Two very quaint and peaceful villages here, Stari Grad and Jelsa are also not to be missed. You can go to the many nearby islands, visit the Cathedral of St. Stephens, and go on the majestic hiking trails.


Prague, Czech Republic


If you want to experience history at its finest, you need to come to Prague. This place was left untouched during the Second World War. That is why the architecture here is very much what it was back then too. The Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and Old Town are all excellent sites that you can visit with your partner. If you are looking for some art here, Prague has you covered. There are many art galleries and museums here that will captivate you to no end. Though you can wrap up touring Prague in three days during late spring, you can extend the trip to add a couple more days to have a more laid-back time on your honeymoon.


Plan the trip in advance so that you don’t have to worry about flight tickets in the days leading up to your wedding. The places you go for your honeymoon should have things that interest both you and your partner, and these places have something for everyone!