Every new year sees a different trend in the world of decor. Color schemes, designs and trends are constantly changing. While most of these styles go out of vogue quickly, there are a few that make a permanent place in our hearts. For instance, rose gold accents and Moroccan kitchen backsplashes.

If you have been thinking about redoing your house or simply experimenting with a different look, here are the top trends of 2019.

Tropical patterns

This one is my top favorite for its versatility. The palm imagery has taken the world of interiors by a storm. Whether it is wallpapers, cushion covers, crockery or bedspreads, the tropical print is seen everywhere. The best thing about this pattern is that it is warm and connects you to nature in an easy way. You can use golden accents on the backdrop of a tropical wallpaper to give your house a royal feel. On the other hand, you can use little knick-knacks for subtle hints of greens in your home. If you are really hooked on to it, you can even bring a palm tree inside your house, provided, the weather conditions in your city allow for it.


If you search for #hygge on Instagram, you will come across millions of pictures. This is just an example of how popular this Danish style of living has become in recent times. In simple terms, it refers to creating a warm and cozy space that is sustainable as well as mindful. If you want to experiment with Hygge, think of embracing everything natural. Allow lots of natural sunlight to seep within your house and use plants to accentuate your interiors. Use more of ceramics, light woods and marble. Get chunky knitted linens, throws and light a lot of candles. The idea is to create a space where you can sip your coffee and enjoy some downtime.

Natural elements

As the world moves towards sustainability, the trends in interiors are also moving towards natural elements. It is a fresh change from the tech-inspired and industrial decor trends that were here for the past couple of years. To bring this style inside your home, experiment with stone, ceramics, copper and granite. If you want something low-key, you can go in for natural textiles such as cotton and linens. These fabrics are breathable and come in beautiful hues. Besides, they age wonderfully and can be used for a long time.


If the Scandinavian style of living doesn’t suit your taste, you can go to the other end of the spectrum. Yes, go all in and try your hand at maximalism. Think of bright colors and mixing patterns and textures. The best thing about trying out this trend is that you can unleash your creative demons and experiment your heart out. Add large and dramatic pieces to add a character to your home that will also resonate with your personality.

Bold backsplashes

Monotone and boring kitchens are out this year. If you are redesigning your kitchen, go bold with the backsplashes. It is time to give a fun spin to your kitchen and you can go wild with bright colors and bold patterns. Imagine a kitchen where you would love spending time with your family. Don’t hold your horses and enjoy the process of designing.

Metal Accents

If you want to create a balanced yet rich look, try out metal accents throughout your rooms. The key is to not go overboard with the colors and have only two to three pieces at one place. You can balance them out by mixing other colors and patterns. For instance, if you have a large chandelier in gold, you can use bronze accents in the room. Use bright colors to give a traditional look or subdued hues for a more classy look.

Feminine colors

Colors like blush, pink and rose are rocking the world right now. If you do not want to overdo these colors, you can opt for a space that has 90% white and little pops of these colors. It will give a balanced and warm look where you would love to lounge and enjoy your cuppa.