November will be here within 3 weeks and with that, we will begin the countdown for Christmas. The holiday season usually coincides with December but it gets too crowded. Hence, traveling in November becomes a safer option and also gives you cheaper airfares and other costs.

But the world is so huge and there are tons of places to visit. Instead of just closing your eyes and putting your finger on the map, we have a better way where you can travel to amazing places on Earth in November. We have crafted a list of places that you can visit and enjoy. Some of these are just beginning to welcome winter while some are still witnessing a rainy period.


The first entry on this list is Patagonia which is right between Chile and Argentina. The only reason we added this to our list is because of its natural beauty. If you’re the person who loves mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and parks, then this is the place to be. There’s so much to be done in a place like Patagonia.

What we like is that the weather here is very decent and more toward the colder side. On the other hand, there is absolutely no crowd here which helps you in enjoying nature and its beauty without any commercial interference!


India is one of the most diverse countries on planet Earth. With hundreds of languages and thousands of gods, this country is certainly a must-visit. Owing to the number of festivals celebrated here, it’s always a good time to visit year-round.

What we like about India is that the rains have ended by now and slowly winter will begin. If you happen to visit at the end of October (25th onward) you will witness the festival of lights “Diwali”. There is a lot you can do when you visit India!


Iceland has always been in the spotlight for travelers owing to their famous locations, aurora sightings and northern lights which are very special and unique! When you visit Iceland, you get to check out thermal geysers, glaciers and at night you can check the sky as the green light enchants it!

What we like about Iceland is that it’s one of the most hospitable countries. The people are lovely, helpful and love seeing new people visiting them. Also since it’s November, it won’t be as cold as it gets in December.


“Down Under” is a term used often when you visit Australia. The weather is warm and some places might experience a bit of rainfall. There are thousands of beaches and even seeing a beach each day for over a few months will not be enough for you to check them all out.

What we like about Australia is its welcoming nature. You will walk randomly on the street and any person would greet and ask how you are? It’s rare to find such good locals. Also, there is a lot of music and food festivals here which is hard to miss!


Our last entry on this list is Thailand. This is one of the best holiday destinations in the entire world and tourists all over the world prefer it too because of the Thai Baht (currency) being lower than most countries’ currency power. The best time to visit any location in Thailand begins from November and goes on till the early days in March!

What we like about Thailand that it is a paradise for those who love beaches, shopping and even food! They have so many beaches, water sports, adventure activities. Their shopping hub is famous again as you can buy things for a cheap price.  Finally, the street food here is just too good and hence visiting them requires no more reasons!

So here’s our list of places that we feel are perfect for a holiday in November. A few notable entries which could not find a place here were Athens and Morocco. If you think we missed out on any place, kindly comment below and let us know!