Filled with guns, mafia, and romance, this actor has done more crime centered films than anyone in the industry! Al Pacino is an industry in itself. His method acting and dialogue delivery has been widely spoken about and the scene presence speaks for itself.

Whether romance, comedy or even action, he has the face for every scene! Also considered as one of the greatest ever to grace Hollywood, here’s our appreciation post with the 10 Best all-time Movies of Al Pacino!

The Panic in Needle Park

You might have not heard about this but Al Pacino’s first big role comes from this romantic film. The story revolves around a gang of heroin addicts in Manhattan. Pacino’s prickly character will still make you fall in love with him and also show some sympathy.

What we like is that Pacino’s potential perhaps was discovered after this movie and brought him into the center stage.


Maybe Donnie Brasco might not get included in the best gangster movies of all time but the chemistry between Johnny Depp and Al Pacino is worth it. Depp plays an undercover agent trying to infiltrate a mob which Pacino is part of.

What we like is the way these two premium actors have displayed the true emotions within the mob and how they stand for each other!


For Godfather fans, HEAT was a treat! Yes, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro play cop and criminal respectively. The dialogues in this film were acclaimed and the actors have done complete justice with it.

What we like about this movie is how well the movie has been crafted with top stars!


What most filmmakers like about Pacino is his animated portrayal of emotions. He brings life within any character as if he’s living it himself. The story here is about an undercover cop who has been working with the police but is so tired of the corruption that is spreading like a virus in his department.

What we like is the way he emotes on screen. The frustration can be seen on his face.


Imagine the combination of Al Pacino and Christopher Nolan. Yes, this happened not very long ago with the iconic “Insomnia”. Although this was a Norwegian remake, still it has been considered as one of the best thriller movies of all time. The story revolves around cop Pacino trying to catch the serial killer “Robin Williams”. Quite a star cast aye?


We are too sure that few have watched this Oscar Wilde special. Salome is a mix of documentary and drama. Guess who’s the director? Pacino himself! Based on the world-famous play, this movie didn’t get a full nationwide release until now. Hence you might find difficulty in finding this online.


Pacino and crime go hand in hand in the movie industry. This is a bank heist movie which is also based on a real-life bank robbery! Pacino, however, plays the role of a robber who’s never committed a crime! His performance was well acclaimed and hence it’s worth the watch.


Perhaps only a few sequel movies in this past century will have the luxury to be better than their prequel. Godfather 2 is a classic example. Here you will see a parallel storyline between the new Godfather played by Pacino and his on-screen father Robert De Niro as the old person that turns into the Godfather.


We have kept this classic movie as the last movie purely because this is one of the rare gangster films that got an equal amount of hatred and love from everyone around the world. Pacino plays the role of a gangster “Tony Montana” and the movie will revolve around his rise and fall in the gang.

What we like about this movie is Pacino’s acting which is of the highest quality. Notable mentions like Godfather 1 couldn’t make this list. So tell us, which is your favorite movie with Al Pacino? Have we missed any movie on this list? Do comment below and let us know!