Every time you begin to clean your room, it feels like a boring and never-ending chore. But when you are finally done – and you have put up fresh bedsheets, rearranged your wardrobe, and put things back in their drawers – it feels so great, right? The same applies to your life too. Once you make the effort to declutter your life, the peace of mind that will follow will help you turn your life around one day at a time.

So, read on to find out the eight ways in which you can make that happen:


Know when to say no


So many of us were not told that saying no is perfectly okay – it is not a social blunder. Because if you keep on saying yes to things left and right, soon you will be overwhelmed with way too many responsibilities. When that happens, you won’t be able to take care of yourself or do those duties full justice. Thus, learning to draw a line here is important. Ask yourself if saying yes to something is going to bring you joy – whether the stress it will cause would be worth the effort and experience you will gather. Having this clarity going in is extremely helpful. So if the answer is no, feel free to say no from time to time. If you feel guilty for doing so, remember that it is your conditioning that is making you feel so, and in reality, putting yourself first is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.


Use the magic of lists and reminders


Lists and reminders are wonderful ways to take control of your everyday life. Whether you are stepping out for work, or are planning to cook a meal – jotting down the things you need to pack or the ingredients required puts everything in front of you. That way, you can check out what you have and plan ahead as well. You will also be at a lesser risk of forgetting important due dates too.


Lessen your screen time


TV, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are all places you can do great things on. But once you begin using them out of moderation, they tend to start having a negative effect on you. They affect our eyesight, eat up huge chunks of our time, and breed negativity too. Going on a social media detox once a month is a great idea.


Practice meditation


Meditation is one way to calm your senses and collect your thoughts. It is the perfect way to utilize your daily me-time! Even ten minutes a day will make a huge difference for you. Make use of apps like Headspace if you are unsure about how to start meditation.


Tackle your inner negativity


Not everything your mind says is true – and thus it becomes necessary to hold it accountable. You can do so by questioning the negative thoughts it sends your way about your personality, looks, work, or achievements. Reaffirm yourself with positive things you know to be true and keep going. Negativity takes up a lot of space in our mind and it is time we gave that to positivity.


Learn to manage your expenses


As adults, having haphazard or mismanaged finances can be a source of great stress and worry. Set up a savings account, inspect your daily expenses and see where you can cut down, and you can even think of automating your payments too.


Know what your priorities are


When we know the people, activities, and goals we see as our priorities – it becomes quite easy for us to build our lives around them. This is also a great method to simplify your life. Because now that you have your priorities straight, you can work on eliminating all that does not serve your goals or purposes. It will save you time, money, and energy too – making you a more clear-headed person.


Finally, remember to slow down


Taking a moment to appreciate the life we have right now – be it for the little things or the grand positives, we can teach ourselves to be more in sync with reality. Going about your life daydreaming or stressing about the next big thing is not the way you want to spend your time. So, though planning and foresight are necessary – don’t get too caught up in them.