Gratitude is a way of life. It is what keeps us going through bleak difficult times. But a lot of times, being grateful for something or someone is only the first step. The next is to let that person know how they have impacted you – in any way whatsoever.

Because as William Arthur Ward puts it,

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” This expression can also be through giving forward what you are grateful for owning. So, let us look at eight ways in which you can do just that:


Make small gratitude notes or cards

As you will see further on, gratitude can be expressed in so many ways that are not material. Notes and cards are something we can whip up in a few minutes. Because what matters is what you are writing and sharing in them! These cards can be simple ‘good mornings’, ‘have a nice day,’ and you can remind the person of their strengths and why you love them. Finding a note like this in the morning or after a long day can lift our mood and make us feel loved.


Offer your full attention to people

Believe it or not, your time and energy are often the best gifts you can give someone. When you are in an ongoing conversation, make a conscious effort to listen to the person in front of you. Keep your phone or book aside. Don’t be distracted by your thoughts or what you want to say next – just listen and be in the moment. This shows that you are thankful to be with the person you are and that you respect them too.


Be interested in others

This point is drawn from the previous one. You can easily offer someone your undivided attention when you are interested in them and what they have to share. Although some conversations may be hopelessly boring, most of the time we can enter a conversation with interest and a will to listen.


Let your friend know why you love them

So many times, we are reminded of why we love that one friend – maybe they stayed up all night with us to console us, or they always encourage us towards our goals, etc. Whatever the reason may be – big or small, let that person know. If someone makes you happy or simply makes your day, let them know. These acts may feel small or unnecessary, but they cheer up the other person’s day too.

Be open to learning and teaching

We may not know everything, but we do know something about a lot of things. And thus knowledge is precious. If someone asks you to help them with a task or a question that you know about, teach them the same with sincerity. You can also visit old age homes or volunteer to teach kids.

In the same way, when you do not know something – be open to being taught.


Rate and review your favorite cafés, apps, artists

Imagine you are scrolling through Instagram and come across a funny comic. You laugh and you scroll past it. But if you take out simply a few seconds to like, comment, or follow the artist – it lets them know the lovely impact of their work. In the same way, let cafés and applications know too – why and how much you like their services, what can be improved, etc. These things go a long way.


Make people feel special and loved

When we feel happy, the best way to multiply that is to spread it. By being thoughtful and considerate through the little things, we can certainly let others know how special and loved they are for us. Look into your life and see how and when you can do so – and you will find that the opportunities are endless.


Donate food, clothing, books, etc.

These three things often the most important – but also lacking – in many people’s lives. Look up centers and camps near you that accept donations for food items, clothes, or books. Make sure that what you are donating is in good and usable condition – because the donation is not an excuse to get rid of old rags!