Glamping is an exciting aspect of the tourism world. It essentially combines the adventure of camping with the comfort of luxury, or glamour. So you can head out into the woods during the day and hike up exhausting paths, but you can also head back to your fancy room and unwind with great wine and food. In the USA alone, there are numerous glamping sites that are very popular and alluring to make the best of both worlds. In this article, we have compiled the best of the best. Read on!

 Cody, Wyoming


This is where you can relax under the stars as the Shoshone river flows by in front of you. The ranch also has many amenities like areas for showering and doing laundry. If you have the knack for fishing, you can actually catch a fish or two – and it will be made into the night’s dinner. If you have pets and do not want to leave them behind, you don’t have to! This ranch is proudly pet-friendly.

 Lake Wales, Florida


The Westgate River Ranch in Florida is an unmissable glamping site. It is spread across 1500 acres of lush green wilderness and has plenty of options for fun and amusement. The ranch offers rooms that are fully air-conditioned, come with comfortable king-sized beds, and even a patio deck just for you to enjoy. During the day, you can go on horseback riding and hayrides. You can also zip-line across the ranch. At night, the central fire pit is the main attraction. Here, you can admire the beautiful landscape all around you and gorge on smores too.

Watsonville, California


In Watsonville, you have the opportunity to spend an entire weekend in a treehouse. Flush with great decor, the treehouse also comes with a queen-sized bed, a washroom with toilet and shower, kitchen. You will get to have some really relaxing baths in the tubs they provide as well. Treehouses can be perfect for family getaways – you can take long walks in the forest early in the morning, get to know about the local flora and fauna, and enjoy the night sky to the fullest. And if that were not enough, they also have a cat! It is named Grey and is quite friendly.

 Dolores, Colorado


Dunton River Camp in Colorado offers two splendid choices for you. The first one will have you spending your weekend amongst stunning mountain views. This is the Cresto Ranch – it has some amazing mountain tents. You can see the Rocky Mountains, and especially the El Diente Peak, from your place of stay. The other, equally great option is to stay in river tents. These tents give you breathtaking scenery of the Dolores River. Either way, you will have lounge chairs, decks, king-size beds, mountain bikes you can take out on rent, and bathtubs too.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Whether you are a couple or are traveling as a group, you can stay at the Fireside Resort and truly enjoy Teton’s beauty as well as luxury. They have 25 lodging choices – like the Wedge Cabin or Road Haus. They have impeccable design and many attractive features, like fireplaces, kitchenettes ceiling designs, etc.

 Keystone, South Dakota


From the glamping tents, you can soak in the beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota. You have a lot of options when it comes to tents, like the suite tents and the safari tents. Between them, they have some really delightful amenities like queen and king size beds, lounge, and wood-burning stoves.

 North Conway, New Hampshire


Make your dream of living in the middle of a forest come true, with the glamping site here. You can while the time away in bliss in the lake, at the beach, or by the heated pool. The accommodation is surrounded by the forest and a lovely lake and is quite near to Boston.

Greenough, Montana

If you want to be pampered all throughout your stay amongst the scenic views of Montana, the Resort at Paws Up is the place to go. You will have the camp butlers and chefs at your service. You can go for a candlelight dinner or have your fill of cocktails and s’ mores at the nightly bonfires.