There are certain food like onions, you might have had them in the morning but they linger on with you till the afternoon. They linger in the form of bad breath. So, what can we do? Should we leave eating such foods? But we cannot because they are a staple part of our diet? Foods like garlic and onion have pungent oils that are carried along with the bloodstream to the lungs and later on, are realized with our breath as leftovers and cause bad breath.

Although certain foods can cause bad breath, there are certain items that can cover your bad breath. A list of some of the bad breath insolvents are given below:


Consumption of different herbs (Parsley) 

It is the most appropriate method for treating false breath. The oils in it can do the work for you. Spearmint and cinnamon would also help you to mask the bad breath. Other herbs and spices that can be used are tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cardamom. These have the power to


Intake of Green tea 

If you want to erase the bad breath, the other great option is green tea. Green tea contains catechin that acts as a great antioxidant and has a natural taste that can change your mouth’s overall taste. Thus, preparing green tea right before you need to hide your bad breath and drinking it can do wonders!


Have Yogurt  

Researches have shown that yogurt can help you to get away from bad breath because of its active culture. Yogurt contains probiotics that are referred to as good bacteria. Besides being a potent healthy food item, it can overpower the bad breath and make you feel relieved of your bad breath in no time.


You can have apples and pears 

Fruits have the capability of producing saliva which would help you to nourish and create a balance of oral hygiene which is hampered due to the false breath. Apples and pears have a unique taste that tends to stay longer than other fruits. Thus, it eradicates the bad breath in the best way and makes your dental health strong.


Another option that is waiting for you is Oranges, melons, and berries

All the fruits have been mentioned above are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential and has a lot of benefits. Vitamin C would make sure that the bacteria in your mouth id in balance. It also corrects gingivitis and combat gum diseases. As these, both things may be responsible for bad breath.


Almonds and nuts are also an option against bad breath

The working of Almonds and nuts is very similar to that of the fruits and vegetables. These fruits, vegetables, and nuts can act in such a way that they would not allow the bad odor bacteria to stain the teeth. They act like toothbrushes that keep your oral hygiene and breath healthy.


Other than these main six things, there are other options you can go for 

You can eat crunchy food such as celery, carrots, and cucumbers that would create the desired amount of saliva and keep the bad odor bacteria away. Drinking water can help you in rinsing the bad breath from your mouth. Also, you can keep chewing gums with you to have a balance of flavors if you are unable to go for any quick solution.


Other regular practices that aid in alleviating it

Other than these, what is essential is practicing good dental hygiene. You should brush your teeth twice a day and make use of floss daily. Also, go for regular dental check-ups. If the problem of bad breath is continued then you should consult a dentist. Maybe you can search for an alternative to raw onions to prevent having bad breath in the first place.