Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps one to boost up energy and also improves metabolism. Improved metabolism means better digestion and that indeed means the decreased level of extra fats and calories in the body. Thereby, we see that having breakfast means very reduced chances of heart diseases, overweight, obesity, and weakness. It is the starting of a very useful and energetic day, so without a doubt should be taken care of. Having a healthy breakfast is more important than just having anything for breakfast. Obviously, if you eat all the junk in breakfast then you cannot expect a healthy and disease-free body. To help you with your eating habits, here are eight healthy breakfast ideas followed around the world.

Israeli breakfast

Breakfasts at Israel is one of the healthiest cuisines one can have for breakfast. The main highlight of their breakfast is Shakshouka. Shakshouka is basically a dish made of eggs. Eggs are poached in a vegetable sauce along with cumin and tomato puree. This is served along with cheese and fresh vegetables, flavored with peppers, mainly red and green. Other than this, Israeli breakfast also consists of fruits, Albini, boiled eggs and yogurt.

Vietnamese breakfast

Being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is what people care about the most in Vietnam. In all the houses of Vietnam, one will get to eat Pho, a soup with noodles. Don’t think noodles to be unhealthy as they are gluten-free and made of rice, flavored with spices such as cinnamon powder, fennel seeds along with a tempering of clove and ginger which all in all arouses the flavor. Pho can or cannot be served with some green veggies like sprouts. It acts like a complete boost up in the morning, healthy and tasty.

Australian breakfast


Australian people, too much concerned about their healthy lifestyle, never forget to do a breakfast rich in nutrients and light. They generally eat vegemite, famous in Melbourne and places nearby. Vegemite is spread over bread slices topped with a poached egg is the healthiest breakfast anyone can think of. Vegemite is rich in vitamins. Along with this, they keep a good count on fruits like pineapple, jackfruit, and papaya along with vegetables like mushrooms.

Egyptian breakfast

The famous and ancient breakfast which is witnessed very often here is Fūl Medames.  Bell beans are the essential ingredient of this dish. Spiced up with cumin powder, chopped garlic and various flavors of pepper along with lemons is a treat to anyone. Other than this, they have eggs, fruits, and food which is rich in fibers and minerals.

Switzerland breakfast

The Swiss breakfast is rich in fibers and proteins. The key ingredients of their breakfast comprise muesli, bread, yogurt, fruit juices, boiled eggs and obviously cheese. Rich in essential nutrients, their breakfast is somewhere the reason behind their fitness.

Indian breakfast


India is diverse in its culture and so with their food. There are different breakfast dishes found in different parts of India. The healthy dishes are upma, poha, bread toast, idli, fruits, and oats. These can be flavored as one wants. Generally, flavoring is done using peppers and traditional spices, along with cinnamon and ginger. Ghee is something that is essential for all Indian cuisines.

Sweden breakfast

Swedish breakfast comprises of oats, eggs, bread, and their specialty, filmjölk. It has the biting taste of yogurt and milk. it is healthy as it is rich in vitamins, and bacteria. Walnuts are also something very important in their breakfast. Coffee is an essential part of their lifestyle which helps them with their digestion.

Japanese breakfast


Rice is something that Japanese love to have. Along with this, tofu, vegetables, beans, and fish are also their staple breakfast items. Tamagoyaki omelet is their specialty. Their cuisines have moderate sugar content and rich in minerals. Green tea, brilliant antioxidants is also a part of their regular diet. Health is what they take care of and work flawlessly without a tinch of tiredness.

Some final words

Why wait for starting a good habit? Just take a resolution of having breakfast regularly or rather a healthy breakfast regularly. It will help you with a healthy body and if you are feeling fit and energetic, it will help you do productive work. No dieting, no treatments, just having a healthy breakfast and you are so far from all the norms of everyday illness. From tomorrow, promise yourself a healthy morning!