The internet has brought with it not just cat videos and memes, but also numerous opportunities for employment. And so, you can build up your career and make money by working at home too. The best part is, you do not need to make any monetary investments in these jobs for them to pay off. All you need is a good work ethic and the zeal to learn more. Here are seven work from home jobs that you should look into if you are a housewife.




Blogging is one of the simplest ways through which you can make money as a housewife. It will help you channel your creativity into building your career too. Think of the topics and issues that interest you. Be it the environment, cooking, fashion, politics, travel, book reviews – whatever it is, see if you can create regular content around them. Once you narrow down what interests you, you can work on the structure and outline of your blog. As your content grows and your blog gains traction, you will soon be able to make money from it.


Youtube blogging


This one is quite similar – but also different – from blogging. Here, as the name suggests, you will create video content on the things that interest you or those you have knowledge of. You can truly be as creative as you can be with video and the content. It just depends on what you want to talk about. With regular content that suits your style and has a distinct identity, you can surely pick up subscribers soon. If your content is original and interesting enough, you need not worry about high-quality equipment or editing as a beginner.


Content writing


There are many companies and brands looking for people who can help them create an image and reach out to their customers. This is where content writing comes in. The work assigned to you may strictly adhere to a certain topic, or be wide-ranging. You can negotiate and choose how and when you want to work throughout the day, thus making the job even more flexible. You need basic writing skills to be able to get started, and with practice, you will only get better.

This may also include writing news as well as creative content on your own for paid publishing.


Open your own e-store


If you are a creative person who is more into arts and design, then opening an e-store may be what you are looking for. You can put out the work that you do – from bookmarks, posters, decorative items, accessories – all on an e-store and create a client base of your own. This option offers you flexibility like no other. You can work as you feel creative and motivated, and spend the other time on marketing and advertising on various platforms.


Data entry


The requirement and functioning of data entry jobs have changed over the years. Today, data entry is about feeding information and data to online databases. It is one of the most sought after jobs for those who want to work from home.


Ad posting


Ad posting is yet another lucrative and promising job that is coming up. This requires you to post classified ads, etc. onto various blogs and websites. You do not need to have prior experience or investment to work in ad posting.


Survey jobs

Many companies invest a lot in getting feedback for their products and services, through online surveys. The payment for each survey often depends on your experience as well as the length of the survey itself. Once you make an account on such sites, they will notify you about new surveys you can fill out to make money.


 Some Final Words

Being a housewife does not mean you cannot have a career and goals of your own. If you have access to the internet (through a phone or laptop) you can surely get started and score a job. If working from home, or certain work, is new to you – do not let that stop you. As you learn and practice, you will only begin to excel. These seven options are great for housewives, in terms of work requirements, timings, and flexibility. Make sure you verify and confirm all details of the employer before giving your bank or credit card details.