Procrastination is a habit that can amount to no good. It is a phenomenon that leads you to waste time and energy on social media, sleep, emails, or games – all the while knowing that you have an important task that needs your immediate attention. So, if you want to break out of this habit and create a life where you are able to function proactively, read on:


Make your deadlines more comprehensive

Keeping the tasks you have to complete in a day vague and unspecific only means you will end up procrastinating. This is because there is no clear direction here and so you do not have a defined starting point either. So, it is a way better approach to list out what you need to do, when, how, and the things you need for carrying out the task properly. Once to have done that, you can also assign a realistic timeline to these tasks. That way, you will see all that needs to be done and the time limit too. It will give you the urgency to get the work done.


Break your tasks down


Having one gigantic task ahead of you – like say, write the book, or prepare dinner – poses problems. This approach yet again does not offer a clear starting point for you. Moreover, it may also serve to make you nervous or anxious, and you may end up abandoning the task and distracting yourself, instead of getting started on it. What you can do is break this big task down. You cannot possibly write a book in one sitting, and cooking a meal involves various sub-tasks. So, your to-do list should instead include things like do some background research, finish a chapter, create an outline of the two main characters, etc. or wash the vegetables, chop them, etc. By doing so, things will be way clearer and defined too.


See which apps or sites distract you while working 

A lot of times, we would be working on some tasks, and then suddenly – we feel the urge to check Twitter or watch just one YouTube video. And the rest is no secret – once we give in to that urge, we may not even realize that we ended up spending an hour scrolling through memes, and successfully avoided completing a difficult task too. If this happens to you – it is time you moved these apps out of the site or put a password on them to stop you from accessing them easily.


Move things around


Changing the place or area in which you work can actually prove to be beneficial in helping you break out of procrastination. You can move your desk towards the window, or shift to a different room altogether, etc. Remember to keep everything you need – pens, laptops, books, extra pages, etc. within easy reach too.

Getting up to look for them every now and then will only break your concentration and increase the chances of you getting distracted and procrastinating.


Surround yourself with people who inspire you


When you are surrounded by people who take charge of their life and get things done – you will likely be inspired to do so too. Talk to them and accept help when you need it. You can also read inspiring quotes, etc. to keep you going.


Visualize what you want your future to be


Having a mental image of the kind of life you want to be leading in the next few years, or even tomorrow – is a great incentive to get started on pending chores. Maybe you want to be studying your favorite course in the college of your choice, or you want to come back from work to a clean and tidy home tomorrow. Once you have the vision in front of your eyes, focus on the emotions it will bring – you will feel accomplished, driven, relaxed, etc. Now, you can focus on that visualization and work towards making it real.


Don’t let fear hold you back


Many experts opine that the root cause of procrastination is not laziness. It is this fear that you may harbor when it comes to facing difficult or challenging scenarios, work pressure, etc. So one helpful thing to remember if you relate to this is that you can still move ahead with a task and put yourself in that situation, even though you may be feeling scared or afraid.