Hangover is feeling uneasy and sick after excessive intake of alcohol. The main symptoms of a hangover include thirst, headache, stomach problems, and restlessness. Nausea and fatigue are also common in a hangover. Alcohol consumption is not good for health. A little bit of intake does not affect your health that much. But at the same time, excess intake of alcohol is something not to be done. Regular drinking habits in small amounts is also not to be preferred. Addiction is not that easy to control. So it’s better to avoid excess and regular consumption of alcoholic drinks. However, if some days you consumed alcohol and want to know how to cure a hangover. Here are seven ways to get rid of a hangover.


Drink fluids

Alcohol consumption affects your kidneys and somewhere reduces the release of vasopressin hormone. This hormone reduces the amount of urine, so inhibition of this hormone leads to excess urination and thereby dehydration. So drinking fluids like coconut water or even plain water might help.


Have some Carbs

You must have witnessed severe headaches and nausea while experiencing a hangover. The reason is that alcohol consumption leads to a decrease in the level of carbohydrates and sugars in the body. Either avoid this by eating some things along with drinking alcohol. If not then try having juices and loaves of bread for your breakfast to make a balance in your body.


Have a tight sleep

Generally, after having alcohol people tends to sleep as they gradually start feeling tired. But this is the case when alcohol is taken occasionally. If regular intake is done, there may be an irregular sleep pattern observed. Therefore, try to get your body in a routine. Sleep for a sufficient amount of time or else there might be problems as consistent headache or feeling ill at ease.


Having a drink

After you wake up and have a feeling of dizziness and illness, that is, you are in a hangover, then just take another glass of drink. It is a very commonly observed hangover recovery. There is some chemistry that alcohol leads to the action of formaldehyde and taking another drink can stop the formation of formaldehyde in your body.


Have a better choice if drinking


Avoid drinking alcohol having methanol. There are various types of alcoholic drinks. Some contain ethanol while some contain ethanol along with methanol. Methanol when processed by our body produces some toxic elements which lead to more frequent hangovers.



Try to get in touch with antioxidants while suffering from a hangover. Eat fruits and vegetables. Drink green tea. Antioxidants help you to recover your liver problems and take it back to normal. Tea or coffee also helps you getting rid of headaches and nausea. Also, it helps you regain your energy to some extent.


Drink lemon juice

Lemon is something which you squeeze even while drinking. It is something which will help you even after drinking, that is, during your hangover. Lemons help you relax your liver and stomach. Also, it helps to flush the toxicity.

Other relieves could be having ginger tea, soups and fruits like bananas help you with a hangover. Tabasco and egg also help you recover a hangover. a cold shower or splash of ice-cold water helps in reviving and getting rid of dizziness. Try avoiding medicines or any other drug to cure a hangover. However, if unbearable pain starts then you have to. Potassium and vitamins are something you should be concerned about in case of a hangover. Potassium helps you release alcoholic toxins faster. In case you feel that you are suffering from a constant inflammation in your stomach or liver then do consult a doctor. It might be something serious.


Some Final Words

All in all, keep yourself hydrated, sleeping and having other necessary things so as to make yourself feel better. Most importantly, try to not harm yourself. There are other ways of enjoying, try not getting into the habit of taking alcohol this often that you have to keep an eye on your health later on! Always mind it that health is the only asset you have! So, take care of it always and give it the first priority always.