Weddings are a thoroughly expensive affair. Every aspect of it is costly, and if you are already on a budget, adhering to it can become tricky. But thankfully, there are loads of ways – big and small, through which you will be able to show up in the best way for the big day. These tips cover the dress, hair, makeup, and accessories as well.


Customize your wedding dress

Wedding magazines have tons of designer styles and models that are hard not to fall in love with. And so, just because you are working on a budget, it does not mean you can’t have such beautiful dresses. This is where customization comes in. Figure out what you like so much about a dress that may be a bit out of your budget. Once you do so – whether it is the sweetheart neckline or the gorgeous train, you can have it added to a simple wedding gown. You can also buy a long white dress and have changes made to it as you wish. This will save you a fortune, and you will look equally stunning too.

Rent or buy second hand

The second way to make your wedding look affordable is to not go for a first-hand dress. Because even if you do not opt to customize your dress, you can still get a pretty good one in the second hand or rental department. For people who don’t see the gown as much of a priority – this is a great option. You can take your pick from the many options from sites and stores that allow rentals for wedding gowns. You can easily save a few hundred or more bucks that you can put into other areas of your wedding. Be sure to try the gown out in advance before finalizing it.

Choose your accessories carefully

Being wise when choosing what to pair your dress with is very important. See which parts of the dress you want to highlight and go from there. You can ask your close family members if they’d like to lend you their jewelry for the occasion. It will surely add sentimental value to your wedding look – as wearing your mother’s necklace or sister’s bracelet often means so much more. You might want to go for hairpins over headbands, for they offer more scope for creativity and are cost-effective too.

Ask a friend or relative to do your makeup

Hiring a professional make-up artist can take up a considerable part of the wedding bill. If you know the basics of make-up already, you can begin working on your skills and the look you want to go for a few weeks in advance. Buy a few sturdy products that will stay put under sweat or heat too. You can also seek the help of others who know how to do make-up. Remember to take plenty of photos as the trials progress. Another tip here is to check out nearby malls if they offer makeovers. You can get your bridal makeup done here at a much lower price.

Use hair clips on

Clips on are often more practical and affordable as compared to real hair extensions. If you have had a plan to get real hair extensions for a while now, then it makes sense. But otherwise, getting them just for that one day is too much of a hassle. And so, clips on come as the perfect alternative – they look just the same, are easy to put on and remove, and cost way less as well.


Belts and sashes

Both these things are great ways to amp up your gown in a cheap way. Find a sash that goes with the color scheme of your dress and you will be sure to add that extra spark to your look. You can also use them to accentuate your waistline however you wish to.


Lastly, less is more

You don’t have to deck yourself up with diamonds to look radiant – a lot of times, simple studs or a pendant brings out more elegant than most. In the same way, don’t write off simple dresses right away – for many of them can be tweaked here and there, and with the right accessories – they come out to look just as gorgeous.