The path to inner peace is always inward. You can look for peace in people, things, and places – but ultimately, you have to come home to yourself. It has always been within you – you just need to walk through the obstructions.

Keep your surroundings clean

The rooms in which you spend most of your time should always be clean, tidy, and organized. As an excuse, you may convince yourself that you have gotten used to an ugly room with no space to move about. But once you clean it, you are bound to feel more relaxed. A clean room is one of the easiest ways to create peace.

Make room for silence

Silence is not empty. It is a room waiting to be filled. When we take out a few moments out of a busy day and actually sit down with our mind, a lot can happen. Silence lets us delve inwards. We can talk to ourselves, think to ourselves, and give ourselves the space to understand our emotions. Silence can truly be a tool to ground us and bring us back in tune with ourselves.

Affirm yourself

“I am enough.”

“I am loved.”

“I am capable.”

“I am worthy.”

Affirmations are a way of speaking to our troubled thoughts. Over the course of a day, we often come into situations or environments that unsettle us. Writing these affirmations down in your phone or notebook, or just remembering to say them to yourself can really help soothe your nerves.

You can look at what tends to unsettle you and write affirmations to help you through that. Because they are so simple and straightforward, they immediately bring us immense relief. They affirm our reality – and bring us closer to it – one where we know we are enough, loved, capable, and worthy.

Immerse yourself in at least one art form

Art and music have healed humans for centuries. Reading stories, poetry, looking at paintings, attending a performance are all ways through which we can build inner peace. Whether you are the artist or the audience, art makes you think. It speaks to our innermost fears, dreams, and secrets, and the dialogue that follows can be life-changing, to say the least.

Learn to set boundaries

Boundaries are a strange concept for many. Why would I keep people at a distance? How are they any different from walls?

Boundaries are measures you take to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and socially. They are different from building walls around us in that their purpose is not to keep people or experiences out of our reach. They simply provide us a nurturing space that keeps us healthy enough to make the best of said people and experiences. So in a way, setting boundaries is a good thing for us, and for everyone around us too.

Be kinder to yourself

So many people are kind, sweet, and absolute angels to others – even strangers on the street. While that is a good thing, it is surely sad to see that they are not even half as kind to themselves.

A host of reasons lead to us learning to scrutinize and berate our every move. In such situations, we must ask ourselves a very simple question: Would I say the same thing to my best friend? Or, would I talk to my pet like this?

The answer puts our own criticism into perspective, and we find it easier to cut ourselves a little slack. So to sum it up, use “Don’t say X to yourself if you won’t say it to your best friend” as a general rule of thumb.

Do not lie to yourself

Lying to others may still leave some hope for your peace and betterment. But once you make a habit out of lying to yourself about your own emotions, where will you go? Who will you turn to? Learn to say to yourself what makes you happy, hopeful, afraid, confused, angry, numb. You have a right to feel, and accept, what you are feeling.

Inner peace is not a magical power or some deep mystery. These simple, yet somehow daunting, tips can also turn those raging waves inside you into a quiet lake.