Deserts comprise one-third of the Mother Earth. These are not just made of sand or dunes but have the most captivating scenic beauty in the world. Deserts are basically formed due to the lack of rainwater. But all the deserts are mystical places full of wilderness, adventure, and thriller that never fail to surprise its visitors. Here are some peaceful yet unusual deserts for desert devotees all around the world.

Rangipo Desert, New Zealand

The Rangipo Desert is considered as one of the glorious desert places situated in New Zealand. Every year this desert receives a reasonable amount of rainfall, but the poor quality of soil and dry winds make it difficult for the natural habitat to grow. This desert is only connected to a single road known as the Desert Road. Moreover, this desert has the most magnificent snow-peaked mountains that provide a perfect landscape view to the travelers.

Spiti Valley, India

The Spiti Valley is a beautiful desert nestled among the Himalayas situated halfway between Tibet and India. This desert has a vast history attached to it, and the visitors can learn a lot about the learnings of Buddha. This place enables a magical experience full of spirit-filled hills and snowfall icy conditions. This valley has scarce resources and people around it, yet it is regarded as one of the most stunning desert mountain valleys in the world.

Sonoran Desert, Mexico

The Sonoran Desert offers a delightful nesting spot for travelers who wish to experience the life of a desert environment along with a variety of subtropical vegetation as well as animal species. This desert is stretched across a large part of Mexico, covering some parts of the Baja California peninsula and Arizona. The weather is quite charming with a cool breeze of rain in the winters and some in the summers as well. However, this desert is an excellent spot for camping.

White Desert, Egypt

The White Desert is a place with bizarre weathered chalk rock formations, which is situated in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The desert reflects a feeling of otherworldliness as it is devoid of vegetation and natural habitat. Moreover, the appearances of the formations are almost curated, which is often named as mushroom-like or ice cream cone. This desert offers changing colors landscape experience during the dusk and dawn. Also, Farafra is the closest town, which is 28 miles away from the White Desert.

Taklamakan Desert, China

The Taklamakan Desert is one of the largest sand deserts covering more than 123500 miles across Xinjiang. This desert is surrounded by a plethora of large and small mountain peaks, including the Pamirs, Tien Shan, and Kunlun Mountains. This desert has moderate weather, and the rainfall is quite low, along with some hurricane-force dust storms. There are very few natural habitats present here. And, wolves, rare Siberian roe deers, foxes are some of the animals present in this forest.

Kyzylkum Desert, Central Asia

This dessert is famous for its magnificent picturesque and captivating scenic beauty. It is situated in Central Asia between the regions of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. Moreover, it covers an area of 115,000 miles and is mostly sandy with a little desert plant life. This desert receives eight inches of the annual rainfall and is home to a number of nomadic settlements and domestic wildlife such as sheep, horses, camels, and many more. The ruins of Djanpik Qala Fortress in Uzbekistan offer the most fascinating sight to its visitors.

Tabernas Desert, Spain

The Tabernas Desert of Spain is the single most mainland desert in Europe, having a dry and sandy atmosphere. This desert is located 20 miles away to the north of the Andalusian coast. Not only this, the temperature is around 118 degrees high, keeping the weather dry and sunny most of the time. Dry season rainfall is quite common, which leads to the desert’s natural ravines and mesas. This desert offers an excellent location for the movies, especially of the spaghetti western from the 1950s. Although this place is unknown to foreign tourists, yet it serves as an exotic place for camping and enjoying the desert life.