Cooking shows are one of the most-watched things on online streaming sites right now. This is where talent meets tragedy, as contestants fight tooth and nail to make their dish work. But then again, there are some shows that aim to portray the lives and stories of people through the fine art of cooking. So, here are our top seven cooking show suggestions:

Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef who is not known for being gentle – at least on Hell’s Kitchen. Through each season, we get to see hand-picked chefs compete against each other. Ramsay shouts and rants on the show and the angry one-liners he spits at his chefs have only fueled the show’s popularity. In his defense, he says he is pushing the chefs beyond their limits and preparing them for actual restaurant kitchens with overflowing orders. This intense and action-packed show is a must-watch if you are into cooking shows.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


There are many cooking shows hosted by white men who travel the world to “discover” new cuisines. Anthony Bourdain made sure, with this show and his career in general, to always lead with curiosity and respect. He brought to the forefront the many cultures, traditions, peoples, and foods around the world that are ridiculed and misrepresented by others. Upon his tragic death in June 2018, scores of people took to the internet to thank him – and his show – for doing justice to their culture. His episode in Iran is officially the most re-aired one on TV – it brought out the humanity of the people of Iran on primetime US television. Such is the power of cooking shows like these, and Parts Unknown shows us how to do it right.


The Great British Baking Show

Not all of us enjoy an intense or nail-biting cooking show – we’d rather binge-watch a lighthearted and friendlier one – and The Great British Baking Show exemplifies all of that. Watch the show to witness contestants helping each other out even when they are in the middle of creating cakes and desserts they have never heard of, grown adults staring at the oven as their soufflé rises, and the two hosts cracking the contestants up with their timely and witty humor. The show is British to the core, and it makes for a great Sunday watch.



Chopped is one of a kind show. Contestants are given a basket of random, out of the box ingredients that they have to compile into a delicious dish. What follows is a thrilling journey as amateurs and professional chefs alike stumble and hurry across the kitchen to finish the task.


Chef’s Table

If you have a thing for opulent, fancy dinners and want to know how they are made – this show is for you. The show features chefs and restaurants that are frankly, high end and far beyond the usual diner’s experience. You get to see how intricate meals are handcrafted and plated to perfection!


Salt Fat Acid Heat

The show’s host, Samin Nosrat through her travels and experience, narrows down the four basic elements of cooking to be salt, fat, acid, and heat. And thus, she begins her four-part journey around the world as she learns about each element thoroughly. Nosrat delights the audience with her infectious laughter, her genuine personality, and her eager wish to know more about the magic that binds good food from around the world together. Witness her adventures as she meets grandmas, friends, and members of artisanal food businesses and brings the essence of goodness in a plate. And what’s more, you get to learn some valuable cooking tips along the way as well.


Nailed It!

Now, here’s a show that celebrates failure unabashedly. Nailed It! showcases people who are famous for their bad cooking skills – so much so that their friends and family say the same too. And that’s what makes the show so entertaining. You get to watch these aspirants try to bake things totally out of their league. With special guests who are Instagram famous, the show teaches us to laugh at our own mistakes and continue with our interests no matter what! And like that, Nailed It! promises huge amounts of laughter and fun baking mishaps.