For many of us, living alone feels like a nightmare. But there are some very convincing arguments for living alone. In this article, we will look at seven reasons why it is actually good for us over the long run:

 You understand when to ask for help


Living alone means that you have to take care of the entire house on your own. From the cleaning to cooking to washing the clothes, every responsibility falls upon your shoulders. And of course, sometimes, things do get overwhelming. You might get sick, you may have a family emergency, or you are simply too tired from the week. Whatever it is, living alone teaches us the value of stepping back and taking and break, and asking for help. Doing so should, in fact, carry no shame, and it is a very normal and healthy thing to do.

You get to know yourself

So many grown-ups have no idea what they like, what their hobbies are, or anything substantial about themselves. When we learn to live by ourselves, we are in essence, forced to spend time with our thoughts, emotions, and activities. Learning to do so can give us a rare insight into ourselves and give us a chance to grow as a person.

 You get to face your fears


Maybe you are afraid of spending the night alone all by yourself. Or insects really, really creep you out. But living alone lets us face these fears head-on. It is not that they were irrational all along – but a lot of times, we just need to put ourselves out there and handle a situation to the best of our ability. You do not have to spend the night alone – call someone up, listen to music, add a ritual to your nighttime that gives it a different, happier meaning. You do not have to kill the spider, just lead it out the back door.

 You will outdo yourself


When we are used to living with other people, and especially at home if a lot of our chores are taken care of by others, we tend to think that we are incapable of doing things. But that is untrue – it is just that you have not yet given yourself the opportunity to learn how to carry out a certain task. But when you live alone, the onus of paying the electricity bill, cleaning the house, and cooking meals – all these things you are bound to learn as time goes on. And when you master a task you’ve dreamed your whole life, the joy you feel is unparalleled.

 You have the space to be yourself


A lot of times, we end up bottling our feelings around other people. It may be because they are an absolute stranger and you only moved into the dorm a week ago, or because they know you too well and you think they might be bothered by what you have to share. Although the credibility of such thoughts should be questioned and you must let yourself be vulnerable around others, living alone does give you the ability to let your emotions exist – in their natural state, without any mask. So whether it is anger, confusion, sadness, or joy – you can simply feel that emotion without having to explain or justify it to someone else.

 You can entertain yourself as you please


When being home alone is a constant state for you, you will have the full liberty to burst into a song or play your wackiest playlist on high volume if and when you want to. You are the boss of your own home, and if you want to go ahead and order in some food and watch Modern Family all night – there is no one to stop or even judge you. Being alone gives you a different kind of liberty and agency that is not that easily found anywhere else.

 The menu is for you to decide


We all have those weird food combinations that only we find tasty. Be it pizza with M&Ms or peanut butter and eggs, living alone gives you the freedom to wreak havoc and wonders alike in the kitchen all on your own terms.