The teachers that a child gets to be around in the formative years really shape how they fare later on in life. This is not just about grades, everything from compassion, creativity, and curiosity can be instilled right from the start by a good teacher. But the learning process does not certainly start and end in the classroom. It goes on every day and never stops. And so, as a parent, you can really become a tutor in order to shape children in the right way. In this article, we will talk about seven reasons why parents make for the best tutors:


You know how to be patient


As a parent, you have seen everything from staying up late to feed your child to coaxing them to sleep for hours on end. Through all this and more, patience comes as second nature to you. Tutoring children obviously requires a lot of that. Children ask loads of questions, take several attempts to understand concepts that seem silly to you, and get distracted easily. As a tutor, it then becomes your responsibility to be gentle with the child and keep them on the learning path. Subsequently, the child also learns to model this kind of patient behavior from you.


You understand a child’s mind


You have parented a child right from the start. You have probably also read many books and watched documentaries to truly understand how a child’s mind works. All of this information gives you some credibility when it comes to children. Their little things or habits do not surprise you or take you off guard, because you either have seen the same thing a hundred times, or you understand the thought process behind that behavior. This knowledge comes very much in handy when tutoring children.


You are a child’s friend


As a parent, you almost always enjoy being around children. You are not irritated by their questions, instead, you are interested in everything they have to do and say. Parents have an avid curiosity that aptly complements the child’s mind. Because of this, the conversations that come up encourage sharing, laughter, as well as listening and speaking skills. Only when children feel comfortable around you, true learning can begin.


You know their routine


As a parent, you are well aware of when a child needs to sleep, eat, go out for a walk, etc. And so you are able to model your activities in a way that takes everything into account. Your experience as a parent yourself lends you the ability to gauge the child’s mood and make necessary on the spot too, as and when required.


Parents are considerate of the child’s needs


Parents know a child well. Perhaps not as well as an open book, but they know enough to be considerate of their needs. Children obviously have different abilities and skills as compared to an adult. A good tutor respects that and makes an effort to center the learning experience around the child and not themselves. Therefore, you won’t push them to complete an exercise or shame them for not knowing an answer within understanding the whole story.


Children love being around you


Children are not afraid of making their feelings or interests clear. They do not yet know how to carry on with a conversation they find uninteresting. Because of this, you will immediately know when your pupil is feeling bored. As a parent, you know just how to boost their interest in any given activity. Be it through a fun song or an exciting reward at the end, you can make them look forward to the next task with ease.


You have their best interests in mind

 Parents as tutors know exactly what is best for the child. But of course, that does not mean a tutor can talk over the child. It simply goes on to say you know how to structure the day’s events and introduce topics that best suit the child’s growth and development. You may have to be strict with the child at times, but it ultimately results in something good as you know where to draw the line, and how to get your point across to a child.