More and more people around the world are taking up freelancing as a serious career option. This is not unfounded, as there are many legitimate reasons to do so. Because when we compare freelancing to the regular 9 to 5 office hours and culture, the former immediately offers way more independence and freedom in terms of work, creativity, and more. So, read on to know the seven reasons why freelance is a trend that is here to stay:


The perfect way to earn extra money

So many people work long hours behind the desk – and yet their salary barely matches up. And that is why freelancing is a great opportunity. It lets you earn some extra money all on your own terms using the skills you already possess. This money you get paid is likely to increase as time goes and you keep at freelancing consistently. It can be used to relieve any sudden financial problem. You can put in any spare time you may have into freelancing for great results.


It offers flexibility

A standard nine to five job is not exactly flexible. It constricts us within a time slot and thus, reduces the chances of us exploring and doing more things. With freelancing, flexibility is key. You can choose to ‘come to work’ whenever you want to. If a certain part of the day is when you feel most creative and productive, you can do your work at that time. Which means you can submit work and commissions during off business hours as well. Added to that, you can also choose to work part-time and pursue something else full-time.


You can work from home

This aspect of freelancing is helpful for a lot of people. From stay at home mothers to those looking to restart their work and career, freelancing offers loads of opportunities. Working from home means you can choose the hours on your own too. There’s no need for any ‘uniform’ or dress code to be followed, and you can do things at your own pace. If you are going out, you can take your laptop with you to work in a cafe or at a park as well. This gives you complete freedom and independence over how you create.


Great learning experiences

Freelancing offers a lot of lessons every day. It teaches you how to approach and deal with clients, how to adhere to a deadline, etc. Sometimes, you may have to carry out certain tasks that are new to you. This means you get to learn on the job – take valuable inputs from your client, do your research, and you are bound to learn a lot by the end of that assignment.


It is more accessible

So much of freelancing work can be done with a laptop and a good internet connection. This is what makes freelancing so accessible and affordable. It lets scores of people, who otherwise may not have been able to work, establish a career of their own. From stay at home mothers to people with disabilities, or college students looking to earn some extra money – freelancing can be tried by anyone. It just takes a fair amount of dedication and patience to get started.


You decide what you want to work on

Freelancing gives you the freedom to also choose what you want to work on and when as well. If you are a writer and certain topics do not interest you at all – like finance or entertainment, you can easily avoid them. If you are an artist and don’t work with pixel art – you can make it clear in your profile from the get-go. This kind of choice lets you focus your energy and time on the things you are truly passionate about and interested in. It doesn’t make you force anything – and that ultimately results in better work as well.


Lastly, you can holiday as you wish

This one may seem minuscule, but do think about it. When you freelance, you can plan the perfect vacation, take sick ‘leaves’ etc. as needed. You don’t have to run it by a boss, because you are the boss. You can wrap up pending or extra commissions in advance and take a holiday as you desire. All this is because of how truly flexible freelancing is.