So much time in relationships is spent bickering over inconsequential things. Resentment is harbored, and conversations that bring peace are avoided. But once we truly understand why people keep saying communication is key to making a relationship work, we will believe it too.

 You can steer clear of misunderstandings

Once you make communicating your feelings a habit, you will see that a lot of your fights with your partner will vanish too. There are various ways to look at a problem, and sometimes, what might be irritating you, your partner may know nothing about.

For example, imagine that your partner has been forgetting to do the dishes for almost a week now. It has led to you having to do the dishes, on top of the rest of your household chores. As a result, you haven’t had time to sleep well. If you do not communicate the problem you are facing, you are likely to get snappy instead. Letting your partner know exactly what has happened solves a lot of problems, and saves time as well.

Communication enables you to set realistic expectations

Once you know what exactly you and partner want out of a day, a future event, or the relationship itself, you two can coordinate with each other easily. Doing so removes grey areas and helps you avoid confusion. Knowing where you two stand vis a vis the relationship really makes things simpler.

 Effective communication brings you closer to your partner

Be it feelings of love, affection, fear, or anger – communicating them to your partner will only bring you two closer. Think of these conversations as bridges. Once you make the effort and muster up the courage to open up about these big feelings, your partner will be able to meet you right where you are.

The distance or rifts that arose between you due to not knowing your feelings or due to not being affirmed about them will cease to exist. Our thoughts, emotions, and feelings make up a huge part of our personality. These things, in turn, affect its different aspects as well. Hence, when you and your partner understand these things about each other, you two will love each other better.

 You empower each other to show support

Once you open up about the things that are bothering you, your partner can actually show up for you. If work has been getting too stressful lately, or there is a health issue you got to know about, telling your partner will help you in many ways. They can offer to help you, be a shoulder to cry on, and create a space where you can vent about your day without any judgment.

 Communication builds trust

As humans, when we are able to communicate with someone, we begin to place our trust in them. Trust, therefore, is another pillar that holds up a relationship. Being able to trust your partner with your secrets, fears, and vulnerabilities take time and constant effort. Deciding to work on this together and as a team can really prove to be a major game-changer for both of you.  

It enhances our emotional well being

We invest a lot in our social and personal relationships. From time, effort, to our emotions – there is a lot that goes in there. Therefore, these spaces become our support systems too. If we are able to properly communicate all that we feel without hesitation or fear of judgment, it will ultimately lead to us feeling more in tune with ourselves.

 It makes space for better things

At the end of the day, all these benefits of effective communication allow you to make the best of your relationship. Building bridges let you create better memories, know your partner better, and engage with each other in more fulfilling ways.

 When communication has never been our strong suit, it feels like this big, huge, and scary task. This kind of outlook leads to us finding ways to work around it – and that never amounts to anything good. Understanding its importance, and learning the tools that can help you engage in effective communication can enhance your relationships for the better.