Itching causes irritation and tempts one to scratch a part of your body. Itching can be due to infection or some kind of disease but it can also be due to harmless reasons like hair growth and withered skin. Itching in hands and itching in the intimate parts of your body are two different things. Irritation is caused in both cases, but in the latter one, there also comes a sense of discomfort and uneasiness. Vaginal Itching, if occurring occasionally can be ignored but if it is consistently occurring then there might be some serious consequences. One should always consult a doctor in case you experience itching in your vagina regularly. Here are the seven reasons for vaginal itching.

Use of Chemicals

The soap and body wash generally used for bathing should be taken care of. The pH values might not be safe for intimate regions like the vagina and vulva. These are extremely sensitive regions of our body and should be cleansed by intimate wash products available. Also, toilet paper and clothes should be of appropriate quality or else that might become a reason for vaginal itching.

Presence of Lice


Pubic lice are something to be worried about. Generally, lice are found in any part of the body where there is a bunch of hairs. They can make you uncomfortable in public places. It increases day by day. It is important to get medication from a good doctor if pubic lice are the case.

Bacterial Vaginosis


Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal infection caused due to the inappropriate growth of harmful bacteria. Some bacteria are essential for vagina but when it goes out of control, it leads to infections and diseases. The main symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis are itching, flaming of skin, bad odor discharge, generally white or grey in color.

Menstrual cycle

Change in hormones during menstruation or menopause could be one of the reasons for vaginal itching. Estrogen level, when drops, leads to thinning of vaginal lining thereby causing itching. Breastfeeding is also one of the reasons of estrogen drop. Therefore, as soon as one-stop breastfeeding, estrogen level increases and itching should decrease. If not, one must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Yeast Infection


Yeast infection is very common in females. Whenever there is vaginal itching, there is a notion that yeast infection could be a reason. The cause of yeast infection could be the intake of antibiotics. A small amount of yeast is already present in the vagina but when the growth multiplies excessively, it leads to yeast infections. Symptoms could be itching, burning, smelly discharge.

Urinary Tract infections


The contagious and epizootic disease could occur near your urethra, ureter or kidney. Bad odor urine could be a symptom of urinary tract infection. There could be lower abdomen pain as well. If you feel these symptoms, consult a gynecologist near you. Do not take it lightly, there might be some serious problems not that evident from the surface.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


In this world, where sex is no more a taboo, we should promote sex education. Many people unaware of the consequences go for unprotected sex. Some of the diseases include gonorrhea, genital warts, genital herpes and many more. Thick yellowish discharge along with itching and abdominal pain are symptoms of STDs.

To keep your vagina healthy and contagious free, try drying and cleaning your vagina every time you use the washroom, try having protected sex, avoid scented soaps or any other chemicals, just use water to wash your vagina at least twice a day. Also, get yourself enrolled for regular gynecologist checkups.


Some Final Words

Vaginal itching could be embarrassing and painful as well. Try not to scratch your intimate parts as it may lead to further contamination. It’s difficult to control though. Avoid taking such symptoms lightly and consult a gynecologist in case of regular itching. Skin problems like eczema could also be a reason. For such cases, consult a dermatologist. Take care of your health and body. Try prioritizing your skin and fitness above all other activities. Now that you are well-aware of everything, take care of it from the beginning only. It will help in controlling it from increasing to a significantly high level.