Looking for some fun creative ideas for wrapping up your gifts?  Here we provide you with some of the most amazing and unique gift-wrapping techniques that are quite simple and easy to follow. Be it birthday gifts, holiday gifts or some beautifully decorated Christmas gifts, you can now wrap large piles of gifts in an artistic way without spending much time on it. In this guide, we have covered all the amazing ways to wrap your gift like a pro!

Check out these awesome ideas listed below and be a master in wrapping up gifts.


Furoshiki Gift Wrap

This is an amazing Japanese technique that makes use of a reusable scarf to wrap gift items in a beautiful yet simple manner. May it be oddly shaped gifts, shopping items, etc. almost anything can be wrapped using this gift wrapping technique.

Keep your fabric facing down and place your gift onto the fabric in the center position. Keeping the centered position of the gift intact, take the two opposite sides of the fabric and tie into a single knot. Repeat the procedure but by tying the other two sides into a single knot just above the previous one. Make use of the two original points to tie another single knot. Repeat the same procedure with other corners, making one last final knot.


Polka Dot Gift Wrap

One of the best DIY gift wrapping technique is this unique polka dot gift wrap that is the simplest way of wrapping any gifts. All the supplies that you require include scissors, pencil, white ribbon, brown craft paper and white stamp ink that is pretty much available at everyone’s home. Making use of such simple materials, you can prepare a beautiful gift wrap by following a few easy steps.

Firstly, make use of a brown craft paper to wrap up your gifts item. Dip the eraser behind the pencil in white craft ink and make dots on to the paper. As soon as it dries, tie a beautiful white ribbon to finish the look.


Cylindrical wrap

When it comes to cylindrical objects you might feel it pretty daunting while you think about how to wrap them. The trick present here is to make use of minimum paper so that you manage to produce cleaner edges. However, while wrapping such shapes One must always avoid wrapping them in a box manner. One of the best techniques for such types of gifts is to keep the excess paper on one side so that you could easily wrap it with a beautiful ribbon. Gifts like a candle or a bottle of wine could be easily wrapped using this amazing technique.


Box wrapping a gift

The most common shapes you will come across while wrapping gifts are boxes and therefore one needs to master them in particular. The best way to ensure a clean wrap on the sides that are shorter is to keep each side of the paper to roughly half down of the box. This will ensure a tighter wrap. In case you are not sure about the front flaps, then you could always add on a beautiful bow go cover-up.


Cut out gift wrap

This adorable and pretty gift can be pretty much useful in wrapping numerous kinds of gift items and is a quite simple idea that would not require much time. Though this gift wrapping technique requires two layers if your gift box is already present in a color then all you require to do is to wrap your gift only once.

Firstly wrap the gift box with one colored gift paper. Make small cut-outs or pop-ups on the second one while slowly wrapping it on to the gift item. This will now give your gift and adorable and unique look that will look good on any kind of gift.


Recycle in style wraps

One of the unique ways of celebrating your festive seasons is to wrap your gift items in the material you already have with you. Make use of the paper bags you receive from stores and wrap and decorate your gift items for various occasions. Do add some extra items such as tags or ribbons to give it more personality.


Tissue Paper Fringe

Turn your plain gift into a more of a festive one by making use of a unique material to your gift wrap. Make use of small strips of tissue paper and secure it to a brown bag in which you place your gift item. Cut the pieces and glue them appropriately to create a fringe effect. This surely will add a sense of uniqueness to your gift.


Some Final Words

These are some of the most amazing tips and techniques to wrap your gifts for any particular occasion, may it be birthdays, holiday seasons, etc. By making use of these techniques, your gift is likely to stand out among all others.