New York sees a huge tourist influx each year. It has so many attractions and interesting places to visit, and is a huge business center as well – and so it is only reasonable that this city has a rich array of hotels and restaurants across its length and breadth. So while some hotels cater to more conservative budgets, there are many others that are luxurious and fancy to the core. These are the ones situated in high rise buildings and skyscrapers, and treat their guests with the highest quality services and amenities. So, let’s take a look at seven such swanky hotels:

The Lowell

The Lowell is an unexpectedly serene and calm amid the bustle of New York City. Its decor is proudly old school and has a certain charm to it. If you are staying here, you can easily make your way to the iconic stores like Bloomingdales and Barney’s, as they are situated only a few blocks away. The hotel believes in providing a personalized hospitality to its clients – and that’s why so many of the guests are regulars. The Lowell sports 74 rooms and all of them have their own distinct sense of style and aura. If you are traveling with your family, adequate arrangements can be made. It is close to the Upper East Side, and many transportation services are also nearby.

 Baccarat Hotel

The Baccarat Hotel’s location is in the prime spot of the city. It is built right in front of the Museum of Modern Art, and tourist attractions like the Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center are quite near too. The hotel itself has the fanciest of interior decoration, all thanks to Gilles & Boissier. You can avail of the best room service, and the hotel has a gift box and many options for entertainment in store for you. The company’s expertise in crystals shines through as you walk along the corridors. You can relax in the LaMer pool and spa or have some drinks at the well-equipped bar.

Park Hyatt New York

This hotel in New York is situated in the One157 skyscraper and has over 200 rooms. The interiors are easy on the eyes, with the use of brown tones. With 300 installations of art inside and stunning ceilings, the interiors are spellbinding. You can seek the help of the concierge for any suggestions or other requirements. Bar, laptops, iPads, and huge event space is available to be used. You can relax to some exclusive music provided by Carnegie Hall or hit the fitness center. The rooms here are full of amenities and all things fancy – you will have a soaking tub, a double vanity, a sensor-enabled toilet, and the most fragrant toiletries.

 Soho Grand Hotel

This hotel is effortlessly grand – in every aspect of the word. The interiors have many art pieces sourced from local artists, and the concrete floors and cast iron element really makes them worthwhile. You can treat yourself to the bar, club, and the two restaurants here. Apart from that, the hotel also is pet-friendly and has full room service.

 Crosby Street Hotel

With dark tones and subtle elegance, the interiors of this five-star hotel are hard to forget. The views from the building are breathtaking and the skyline will be clearly visible. The rooms are surprisingly spacious and well furnished. You can spend the evening by the patio, dine at the splendid restaurant, or work out at the fitness center.

 The Knickerbocker

The Knickerbocker has a different style and persona to it, from the way its interiors are designed to the array of services that guests can enjoy. The 330 rooms are well stocked with amenities and are minimalist in style. What’s striking is that even during peak rush hours, you won’t hear a hint of the traffic down below.

 Four Seasons Hotel

The soaring towers and marble floors are the main characteristics of this hotel in New York. The 365 rooms it has looked over the city and give you some beautiful views of the horizon. They sport a monochromatic theme and have separate elevator service. And the lush handmade furnishings and the room service will make it hard for you to leave the room! You can have lunch under the trees or try out their exquisite dishes with Asian influences.