What can be better than a blissful cup of coffee to kick off a new day? The one thing that keeps the human race going is nothing but a refreshing cup of coffee. May it be students, hardworking professionals, or even those working from home, coffee helps us survive during workload crisis and also while we are sleep deprived. From celebrations to a perfect date, it is the one drink that plays as an epicenter. It is that drink that helps you relieve your everyday stress and be your companion during your night shifts.

Having said that, one of the most challenging things is to pick out the right coffee from the menu. So have a look at this quick shortcut that lists down seven different coffees that are commonly available in most of the cafes.


Different coffee variants around the world


Espresso is one of the most concentrated forms of coffee that helps you stay awake for hours. This coffee variant is typically brewed in a filter that contains ground coffee beans along with boiling water. This drink without sugar is also a prime ingredient for all the other types of coffee.



This coffee variant has its roots located in Italy. It is prepared by topping espresso with foamed milk along with hot cream or milk. Since the early 1930s, this variant has been growing popular across various parts of the globe. Cappuccino is one of the most familiar coffee drinks ordered around the world and is loved because it has quite lesser calories as compared to other milk-based beverages.



Italians have been entirely on the creative side when it comes to the different variations available for coffee. One such type from their collection is the famous Italian café latte that is commonly known as Latte. It is prepared by adding milk foam and steamed milk to the expresso. Although, a similar version of this variant known as café au lait, originated from Northern Europe is available. Yet, Latte remains to be one of the most common coffee drink that is loved around the world.



For the chocoholics out there, Mocha is a flavored form of latteLatte that is also termed as mochaccino. This unique drink is prepared traditionally by adding chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and hot milk to the expresso.



This coffee variant was typically originated in the Italian cafes and is prepared by adding a small amount of foam milk to the already prepared expresso. For those of you who long for the perfect shot without the overpowering taste of the espresso will find the drink an ideal choice for ordering at any café. This coffee drink comes in several variants, one of which includes latte macchiato.



The origin of this interesting coffee variant dates back to the Second World War, wherein the American soldiers who were posted in Italy came up with an American – Italian coffee that is prepared by diluting expresso in hot water.


Irish Coffee

Your post-work winding can now turn out to be awesome by having this amazing coffee variant that a perfect mixture of expresso, sugar, and the heavenly Irish Whiskey. The drink was originally invented by Joe Sheridan, who wanted to warm up the passengers and himself post a particular horrid flight in the late 1940s. This drink could also be topped with an amazing later of whipped cream floating on the top.


Some Final Words

Now that you are aware of all the popular coffee variants that are being relished around the globe, you can now go for a short break and enjoy a blissful cup of coffee that will help you feel re-energized. Indulge yourself in a cuppa while you hang out with your friends or enjoy a romantic coffee date.