Reading is something everyone should do. A Book is the best friend one could wish for. Reading at least for thirty minutes daily should be a part of everyone’s routine and there should be no two ways in this. Coming to fiction novels, it is the best thing one should opt for. Some people have this concept that fiction is all about fantasies and dreams but not really. We feel that fiction helps one to lead one’s life in a better and more peaceful way. Basically, it acts more like a guide in one’s life if someone is actually honest towards reading and above all, if someone wants to give emphasis to what actually the novel is trying to convey.

Here are seven benefits of why everyone should read a novel.

For knowledge and experience


As our grandparents must have said that experience is the best teacher. But is it necessary to always have a live experience or is it always necessary that if something happens with you only then you will learn? No, right. You always learn from someone else’s experience may it be friends, parents, grandparents or anyone around you. In a similar manner, reading fiction is like going through a live experience as if you are present then and there and watching everything. So that’s the magic of fiction novel. It gives you experience and you learn some of the important principles which help you to lead a great life ahead. It gives you the ability to think in a unique way whenever a problem comes. It helps you develop some special problem-solving abilities.

For being an empath

In this world where everyone is selfish about their emotions, being an empath is a gift. Firstly, what an empath means? An empath is someone who perceives the emotions of other people. Emotions are something that is hard to control. Whenever you are in a society, you need to understand yours as well as others’ emotions. Reading a novel help you realize what actually empathy is! Everyone cannot be an empath, you need to experience a strong emotional roller coaster to actually understand what everyone feels and how to deal with everyone keeping in mind what actually you want. It basically helps you to take care of yourself as well as others in a far more better way than you could actually think. Maybe you won’t even realize but you start to become an empath.

For relaxing 

All of us in this world have some stress whether be it of work, families or friends. Reading fiction helps us to relax and take a break. Just grab a book and sit in isolation for some time. Trust me there is no better way to relax than this. Once you start reading, it might happen that this becomes an excuse for you when you want to spend some time with yourself.

Easy and convenient


Common hobbies nowadays are to watch movies and listen to music whereas every time it is not possible to carry a laptop along with a charger and earphones and everything. Reading is here for your rescue. For reading, you just need a book and a place to sit like cafes or libraries or a corner in a park. You don’t need to struggle a lot if you want to read a book.

Reasonable expenditure


A Book is not very costly. In many of the bookstores or if you order online, you get good discounts and if not, a book does not cost much even if you are buying at its MRP. Everyone from a school student to CEO of a company can buy a book. Why wait, just give reading a try!

Building skills 

A good grip on a language is something that is appreciated everywhere. So if not at all, read some to develop your language skills. Wherever you go, you need a language to read, write and communicate. Reading books helps you get fluent and well versed in a particular language.

Health friendly

Whenever we read a book before going to bed, we get a good sleep. The reason is very simple, whenever you read a book you actually spend your energy imagining and understanding the characters and plot of the story. Therefore, you get a deep sleep and you wake up full of zest and enthusiasm. Lastly, it is anyway better than just scrolling memes on other social media platforms.


Come what may, reading is a must. It should be as important to you as eating or breathing. It makes you look smart, improves your imagination, helps you in building your skills and above all, it is the most convenient and harmless way to pass your time.