Defense mechanisms help us navigate the world in a way that keeps us safe. There are loads of different mechanisms like this out there, and it really varies from person to person. If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can tell that Jake uses humor as a way to get through life a lot of times. It is often endearing, and it helps him connect to the things and people around him.

But the thing with defense mechanisms is that if we do not know how to control them, they begin controlling our perception of reality. It is important to understand where this need to be funny is coming from and to make sure it is not preventing you from feeling difficult emotions. And as they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt – by your little joke.

So, for your sake and for others, think a bit before bursting into a funny observation. Read the room and know your audience well.


To help you understand how you can use humor to your advantage in a way that’s fun and harmless, here are six of our best tips:

It is the best icebreaker


Whether you are on a date or found yourself in an awkward social interaction, humor can really help you in breaking the ice and making a connection with the person across the table. Be it a harmless quip about the items on the menu or something else, a laugh or two can go a long way indeed. This helps because a lot of times, both people involved are feeling awkward or unsure for some reason or the other. But when one of them takes the initiative like this, it helps in moving the conversation forward and in letting go of first inhibitions.

 Cheer yourself up


Do you talk to yourself? This habit is often made fun of, but you can actually use it to your advantage. There are dull moments in our life here and there, and there are times throughout our day when really nothing feels interesting or worthwhile. But if you get in the habit of sharing occasional puns with yourself, you can brighten up your day in an instant. This can also mean making memes that help you express how you feel or doodling away on a piece of paper! Keeping yourself entertained through these little things can make a workday more bearable and make our mind a livelier place too.

 Relax yourself


During tense moments when it feels like a reaction or a wise observation seems to be expected out of you, you cannot actually do that without properly processing your thoughts and emotions. Barring any life and death situations, humor in such a scenario can help you calm your nerves and make sense of things. This does not mean you are making light of things – that happens when you choose to make fun of, for example, someone’s plight. It is just a way for you to buy some time as you analyze what is going on in order to take a step further. And who knows, it can also end up helping the person next to you in finding the humor in things.

 Cut through the tension


Let’s suppose you are about to have a difficult conversation with your child about something. What you can do to alleviate the tension is to find something to laugh about in the process. It can help in making the conversation easier to carry out. A laugh along the way will also help you both open up and have a better conversation as well.

 Humour can help you with anxiety


Many people find that cracking a joke helps them deal with anxiety. It helps them gain control of the situation and relieve their anxiety to a certain extent. Making the other person goes a long way in such a situation.

 Diffuse your fear

Being able to find something to laugh about during an intense horror movie you are watching is a great gift! Movies like these can often get a bit too much, especially if kids are watching too. Making a funny observation or sharing a witty one-liner can really make things way less scary.


Now that you have these six tips with you, you can use humor to your benefit on a daily basis.