Keeping our nails healthy is not exactly an easy task. We all have such huge and different expectations about how our nails must look and feel. But due to the many products we use, achieving that can actually become harder instead of easier. Apart from having a balanced and meals diet during regular intervals of the day, there are many other things you should have long thrown out the window or adopted to take care of your nails. The condition of our nails can actually indicate how healthy our body is and well we are doing. So, here are some tips about how to do the same:

 Do not keep your nails in water for long periods of time


Be it washing clothes, doing the dishes, or bathing, the long exposure to water is not good for your nails. Although you are asked to soak your nails in the water while cutting them. This is done so because lukewarm water makes your nails soft, thus making the cutting process easier. You can wear gloves – the plastic or the rubber ones if avoiding water contact like that is not an option for you. Take a break from the water in between and resume the work after some time.

 Leave your cuticles alone


Your cuticles are a major contributor to the overall health and well being of your nails. Unfortunately, you have been told time and again that you need to cut them or push them back inside the nail beds. But these steps are absolutely unnecessary and they actually contribute to more damage to your nails. This is because your nails are protected by cuticles – they ward off unwanted dust and keep your nails healthy. The risk of infections and bacteria increases by a lot if you cut or trim cuticles.

 File your nails properly


Learning how to file your nails properly is an important step in taking care of your nails. The most common and prevalent way in which people file their nails is by going from left to right in quick semicircles. But that immediately makes your nails chip, splinter, and weak overallThus, you should file from left and right to the center instead.

 Use nail friendly products


There are scores of products online that are very harmful to your nails’ health. They contain harmful substances that weaken them and make them more susceptible to breaking off. Some chemicals may also cause discoloration over time. And thus, it is important to be aware of what kind of products you are putting on your nails. Read the labels carefully and make an informed decision. You can also go for products that are more naturally based and are derived from plants or herbal sources. These measures will help you in keeping your nails healthy and strong.

 Take a break from nail polish


It is fun to match your nails with every other outfit – it seems to pull your outfit together and add some aesthetics to your look. But if you keep going for a manicure or get your nails painted with the slightest sign of chipping, you should know that when we keep on applying nail polish without letting our nails breathe, it can lead to damage. Nails need to be allowed to exist in their natural state and without a layer on them from time to time – be it finger or toenails. When you notice some chipping on your nail paint, remove the layer all on your own with a nail polish remover and wait for a day or two before the next coat.

 Nail tips are better than full extensions


A lot of experts and nail techs say that there are multiple reasons why nail tips are way better for you, as compared to the full extensions. The latter covers a larger area. Because of this, they make your nails more prone to bacterial and fungal infections. They can also bring about permanent damage to your nails. On a similar note, longer nails are also prone to becoming brittle, collecting dirt, and breaking off easily.


Visit a dermatologist if you feel that your nails are having trouble growing, etc. Once you make nail care a habit, you will not look back after that.