According to the American Migraine Association, over 12% of the population is affected by migraines. The affected age group also varies, from young teens to people in their late forties facing recurring headaches. Migraines make going about our day extremely difficult. Hence, we have compiled a holistic list of things you can do to cure and handle migraines effectively.

Identify your triggers

 For a lot of people, migraines do not come out of the blue. There are certain triggers that can set off a migraine. Emotional triggers include stress, anger, or shock. Caffeine, irregular meal timings, citrus foods, and going hungry for extended periods of time can also set off migraines. Even stuffy rooms, flickering lights, and overpowering scents can also act as triggers.

 Try to eliminate these triggers

Knowing what these common triggers are, and checking whether they may be linked to your migraines can really help you. You will be more aware of your surroundings in away. You can start by decreasing your daily caffeine intake, start eating breakfast regularly, devise a more balanced diet, etc. When it comes to emotional triggers, try to cope and feel these emotions as they come. Do not push them aside or ignore them. You can draw, talk, paint, write, or sing these emotions out. If eliminating certain triggers is not possible, there is another way out.

You can start maintaining a migraine diary of sorts – note down when they occur, for how long, what helps you, etc. Using this information, you can take the help of a professional to learn how to cope with these triggers.

Go for a spa or massage

When we spend a few moments with ourselves with no distractions while we get a massage, we give our muscles and nerves the chance to relax and heal. If you feel a migraine creeping up on you, you can give yourself a massage too. Use gentle oils to rub across your forehead and the back of your neck to feel the relief. Another way to give yourself a massage is by using a tennis ball. You can rub it across your back and shoulders. Taking a warm bath with essential oils can also help you.

 Add ginger to your diet

Butterbur and feverfew are two herbal supplements that are also associated with cures for migraines. Taking any one of them over the course of a few months can really help in decreasing the frequency of migraines. But before you start taking them, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

 Practice yoga regularly


Migraines can also be caused by poor blood flow in our body or an increase in muscle tension. By doing yoga daily, you can improve both these things over time. This suggestion for migraines is not unfounded. Studies have gone on to show that if you add yoga to your treatment plan alongside the traditional treatments like medicines, you can actually heal better and faster. On a similar note, just adding more exercise and physical activities to your routine can also help a lot. Start with small bites, and increase the intensity of your routine as your body allows.


Acupuncture is another way you can deal with and actually reduce migraines. If carried out by properly licensed professionals, acupuncture can help you out. Traditional Chinese acupuncture when had regularly has shown positive effects in terms of reduced intensity, frequency, and duration too. But it should be noted that it is most effective when used with other forms of treatment as well.

Following these tips will make it easier for you to at least reduce the occurrence of migraines. You can ask your friends and family to help you deal with them too.