It’s rare to find shows that question reality and also broaden your thinking. Black Mirror is one such show that focuses on the danger of technology in our society. While everyone is looking for the latest technology and are investing in this fast-growing market, this show will open your eyes with jaw-breaking stories.

Black Mirror is a show that showcases stories set in a distant future where technology harms more than it does well. There are uncomfortable and scary topics displayed in every season. This show is intense and also influential. It will point out all that is good with technology and also show how dependent we can get which can lead to our destruction.

Anyway, here are our top 6 reasons why you must watch a show like Black Mirror in 2019:

Topics are too REAL

One thing you can be assured of in Black Mirror episodes that they will look and sound too real. Ideas that sound absurd might make sense when you watch the episode. Some of these episodes went on to become eye-openers. One of their famous episode was with the use of social media.

What we like is that their ideas make us realize that things are possible and in a few years we might witness them happening. But with such REAL ideas, they also show the downside to it.

You’ll be BINGE WATCHING this

One thing about Black Mirror is that the topics are so interesting; you will find it difficult to shut your screen. It’s a binge-watching friendly show and you will keep watching until the very end. The cast keeps changing and stories keep getting interesting.

What we like about this show is how they prove to us about our dependency on technology. We too cannot shut our phone/TV screens as we are hooked on to it.

The episodes are like SHORT FILMS

The best part of Black Mirror is that you don’t need to follow an order or have back story knowledge. Each episode is different and hence you can begin watching season 3 episodes 1 and move on to season 1 episode 4. All of these episodes are nothing less than short films.

What we like about this show is that their way of portraying different characters and doing it in a short period. This makes it an interesting watch and a show which must not be missed!

The episodes are TERRIFYINGLY GOOD

The black mirror elegantly displays topics. The portrayal is to the point and some of the scenes are outright terrifying. But that’s what makes this show so good. It’s in all the intricate details that you will be shocked and surprised!

What we like about these episodes is that you are always glued and concentrating. They make you think as to what will be the end of the episode and will keep you hooked on to each climax. Some will make you smile, some will make you cry!

TOO MUCH of anything is not good

Our forefathers always mentioned that too much of anything will never end in a good way. Similarly, we must realize that too much dependency on technology will never be good for your evolution. Society needs to be aware that there are no clear limits defined on technology use.

What we like about this show is their way of making us understand how dependent we are on technology. We need to keep a distance and also understand where to stop with this addiction.

An important show for MILLENIALS

The Millenials (anyone born after the year 2000) have been the generation that has their eyes glued to technology completely. This show can act as the wakeup call for them to understand how their parents can live without a phone, TV and not go insane.

Maybe, the children will see and notice about how if conducted in moderation, they too can live a tech-free life on some days.

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