For years and years, environmentalists all around the world have been saying it. Major newspapers and even prominent political leaders have spoken up about it. It is only in the past couple of years that the general public truly has woken up to this harsh reality – our home, our planet Earth is in peril. Climate change and global warming have gone too far, and now the very existence of life on earth is endangered.

Once we start researching, there seems to be no scarcity of bad news. From the news of Amazon fires being burnt for economic greed to Iceland losing its first glacier – there is a lot to be sad about. But then again – though emotions like grief or fear in such times are valid, we also need to focus on actions.

In this article, we will tell you six prominent habits that you can adopt to prove that you care about Planet Earth and our future.

Be mindful about the amount of plastic you use


Plastic has invaded our lives thoroughly. And that is exactly why we have to work towards eradicating it again. Start from the little things. Instead of buying a water bottle when you get thirsty while outside, carry a refillable bottle of your own. Bring your own cup to places like Starbucks and avoid adding another plastic cup to the bin. Take your own cloth bags when you go shopping.


Try to buy organic products more


These can include products like shampoos, conditioners, makeup products, to various food options. Going organic is good for your skin and health, and for the planet as well. This is so because they are derived from a process that is kinder to the environment and makes use of materials or ingredients that are biodegradable in nature.

Let’s talk about how you travel and commute 


Although public transport may not be the most feasible option for many, there are people who can ride the bus at least twice or thrice a week. We can carpool with colleagues or friends – that saves time and fuel too. Other than that, regularly servicing and updating our vehicles – from parts to fuel – keep them as green as possible.

Make the best out of the waste you produce


Let’s be honest with ourselves here – going zero waste is not a long term option for many people. It is not from lack of trying or interest, but simply because it takes a lot of planning and preparing that people may not be up for. But we can still recycle- and that’s better than doing nothing. All the plastic bottles or containers you amass can be turned into something useful again – pots for plants, storage space for cereal, knick-knacks, leftovers, etc. Being open to the idea of not throwing away plastic immediately after use lets us come up with creative and sustainable habits.

Know where our food comes from


There are many things in our diet that made their way to us only after causing immense damage to the environment. Be it meat, almond milk, or any dairy products – it is about time we know about them and consume them as less as possible.

Stay up to date with the environment crisis


One last way in which you can be more eco-friendly is of course by knowing what is not. When we do so, we are able to adopt new changes in our lifestyle. We are constantly able to better our daily actions in ways that are more considerate of the environment. It also increases our awareness of people and establishments that are working against the best interests of nature. Be it people around us, big companies, or our governments – awareness equips us with the ability to raise our voices against such harmful forces and activities.



We have to take a two-pronged approach to eco-friendliness. We must take individual steps and actions but also remain on the lookout for new information regarding climate change, global warming, and issues related to them so that we can stand up in more informed ways against environmental degradation.