People are slowly but surely waking up to the massive waste produced by the fashion industry. Clothes and fabrics are being made and thrown away at disproportionate amounts. In the midst of all this, it is very important to also talk about individuals and brands who are trying to make a change. Here are six brands in the fashion industry who make it a point to recycle and reuse. Read on to know more:



Patagonia has been one of the leading brands that have championed the use of eco-friendly and recycled raw materials to be used for clothing. This brand is famous for its stylish and comfortable outdoor wear collections. Its stance on recycling in the world of fashion and clothes has been made clear for decades now. This company has used recycled bottles to make their clothes way back in the 90s itself. They have loads of collections that make use of their recycling technology. From shorts, fleeces, and jackets too – you can take your pick with Patagonia. They are also adept at saving all these clothes from going to the landfill. You can give back the clothes you have brought from them that can no longer be repaired, and they will reuse them again to make new clothes!


For Days

For Days was founded by Kristy Caylor to tackle the problem of clothes we stop wearing, as a huge percentage of them end up in landfills. For this, she designed a closed membership program. Members will receive recycled and upcycled tee shirts and clothes from For Days, which they can use and wear out and then return them in exchange for a new batch. The ones returned will again be recycled.


Mud Jeans 

This brand makes eco-friendly denim. Mud Jeans’ products contain may have anywhere between 20-40 percent recycled denim in them. At each step of the production of jeans, they have tried to make amends to make things more environmentally conscious. Firstly, they gather used jeans and denim and have them broken down – so that they can be made into yarn. This yarn is then used to make new clothes. The factory where the recycling takes place is powered by solar energy. Apart from that, even the chemicals used in denim production have been removed, so now they use lasers instead of potassium permanganate. The factory waste is also modeled in a way to not pollute the water bodies.


Good Krama

 This brand works with clothes and factories on the ground. They collect pieces from the huge wastes that lie in many factories of Cambodia and make something new and usable out of them. By upcycling these fabrics, they are lessening the waste and also doing creative work too. They make use of these fabrics in different areas of packaging, etc.


Beyond Retro

 Beyond Retro is a brand that is all about giving you the best of retro clothing pieces out there. To do this, they sort through a 1000 pieces – but only one of them gets to the store. To make sure that the remaining pieces do not harm the environment, they started a new initiative. Named Label, it makes use of these very clothes. They are sorted thoroughly and redesigned as per what the future trends in design and fashion are all about. This makes the end product more valuable and useful than what it started as or with – something that is called upcycling. As a cherry on top, these pieces are all quite affordable too – and thus, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to do your bit for the environment.


Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch not only makes use of recycled cotton but also hemp and merino wool to create its menswear collection. These pieces have a lot of endurance and can wear many times. After you feel that they have worn out, you can give them to their Restitch program which will recycle and reuse them further on.


 Some Final Words

These are our top six brands that embrace recycling. You can go through their initiatives and many different collections and make your purchases as your taste and budget allow. The news of all the waste we generate may be disheartening – but these brands certainly offer some hope.