When we discuss animated movies, it’s not just the cartoon/ animated figure that stays back in our memory. It’s also the story that touches our hearts. Such movies are a treat not only to children but also for adults.

Over the years, this stereotype has been squashed that animated movies are only made for children. Even adults go crazy for these movies and end up watching it first! Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of 6 such animated movies that you will definitely like!

Lion King

Perhaps everything began with this movie. The Lion King is an epic story that has been touching our hearts since the nineties. Every kid from the ’90s has watched this movie and has re-watched it again and again. They also came out with a new edition in 2019 where the animation almost was like real! What we like about this movie is the story of love, friendship and redemption all together form into an epic saga titled “Lion King”.

Toy Story

Our next entry is Toy Story. After Lion King, when we thought we won’t get to witness epic animated movies, there came a story about the lives of action figures and what goes on in their minds. It opened a new perspective for every child that plays with action figures.

What we like about this movie is how they have shown our inanimate toys having life within them and also see their struggles! A fun fact – there are 3 glorious movies for you to watch and enjoy!

How to Train your Dragon

Next on our list is a dragon based movie! This movie portrayed a story where humans and dragons live together in harmony! Can you believe that? Yes, they did so and the response from the masses was very good. There are 3 parts in this series where your love for dragons will increase. What we like about this movie is the graphics used and also the humor which can be felt throughout the series.


Perhaps in a very long time did we think that an old animated character can touch so many hearts. Here the story shows the journey of an old man who wants to fulfill his late wife’s wish! It’s very touching and also very funny as there are a small kid and an animal who joins this epic journey. What we like in this movie is the storyline. It’s a funny, old school romance to watch with the family.


Next, we have a story that will give you the chills. Yes, we are talking about Frozen which is a billion-dollar hit! A story about a princess getting the power to create ice. Her sadness creates so much ice and snow that the whole city gets covered and struggles to survive. What we like about this movie is how they’ve put it across to the audience. The cute characters will grow on to you. The story, the climax will all bring a smile on your face.

Wall E

We have kept this as the last entry on this list for a special reason. There have been many animated movies that have released but none have had the impact as WALL E. The story of a garbage collecting machine with a robot has been shown beautifully. No wonder this movie has got high ratings on IMDB with almost a million votes. What we like is the emotion they have shown in this movie. This love story will touch your hearts for sure. It also shows the harsh reality of how in the future we ruin Earth making it impossible for humans to stay back.

So this is our list of 6 animated movies which you can watch and enjoy for sure. Some movies will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but in the end, you will love it.