We all have that one (or more friend) who absolutely loves yoga. They start their mornings with it, and sometimes even do a couple more poses throughout the day. So if their birthday is coming up and you are at odds about what to get them, here are five best gifts! All these gifts are items that are useful one way or another. Your friend will definitely appreciate the fact that you got them something that corresponds with their interests.


Yoga mats


Yoga mats are a must-have for any person who practices yoga. They help us in holding a firm stance. This means having a good quality yoga mat is very important. It helps in avoiding soreness and cramps too. What’s more, is that mats are durable and can be carried around easily in the bag they come in. Though your friend certainly has one already, it would feel great to receive a yoga mat that is a bit apart from the traditional ones. You can easily find out mats that come in funky colors and have many different kinds of patterns and text on them. If your friend likes a particular brand or movie, look for yoga mats around those themes too! You can also get them a good yoga mat cleaner too – they rid the mat of dirt and sweat gently, so as not to damage the product. Make sure the mat can be easily dried and does not shift too much.


Witty t-shirts


There are loads of t-shirts online that sport funny puns and quotes that revolve around the world of yoga. Find a good quality t-shirt like this for your friend to make their day! They can wear it to yoga without having to go for t-shirts that can’t handle the daily use otherwise. A t-shirt like this can also help your friend make new friends and meet others at the yoga class – it’s the perfect icebreaker. Make sure you take a good look at what the material of the shirt is. Buy ones that are pretty breathable and soft too.


Water bottles


Yoga can get really intense at times. And then, having a water bottle at your side really makes things easier. Get a cool water bottle for your friend that they can carry around. This gift is not only thoughtful but also so practical. Metal or bottles that are made from materials safe to be reused are way better than plastic – reusing those is not good for our health either. It will also save them from having to shell out money for a plastic bottle every other day – something that is harmful to the environment, too! A sturdy water bottle will help your friend keep track of how much water they are drinking throughout the day as well.


Handy tote bags


A tote bag is yet another perfect gift for your yoga savvy friend. Because let’s be honest – a trip to the yoga class means they have to carry with them so many things. From keys, purse, yoga mat, to, of course, the water bottle. In all this, something or the other is bound to be forgotten. A tote bag is great for keeping together things at one place. You can put a lot of things in them, like towels as well. Tote bags come in various prints and designs, so look around before settling for this eco-friendly gift!


Yoga themed things


A little humor in the day to day things we use can really cheer us up. There are numerous items and products you can find online that are all about yoga too. If your friend loves cooking or is trying to start making meals at home, get them a yoga pose themed cutting board. It is funky but also gets practical too. And while you are at it, a yoga dish towel seems like a pretty good option as well. From shawls, socks, to sweaters – the list is truly endless. There are also yoga-themed jewelry – like necklaces or earrings of different poses.


Some Final Words

All these things will carry forward their love for yoga excellently and make for something more thoughtful than the usual line of gifts. Keep sharing love and care with your friends in the form of such graceful gifts! These gifts will make them happier and remember you for life with a great experience!