An impression is something very important in today’s world. Everyone is judged according to the impression they make. Making an Impression, on one hand, may take a little time as you struggle to impress someone maybe by doing some good work or by showing courtesy or being consistent with everything you do. On the other hand, the first impression is a matter of minutes.  When you meet someone for the very first time and the impression you leave on them, is something known as the first impression. In a world, where everyone is running in a rat race, no one has time. Moreover, competition in any field is incredibly increasing. The point is you may not always get a couple of opportunities to prove yourself. Therefore, the first impression plays an important role. If you are worried about how to make a great first impression,here are the five tips which will help you.


Present yourself gracefully

You always need to carry yourself very nicely. It nowhere means that you should look very beautiful or handsome, the only point is you should be presentable. If you dress properly, it will give you the confidence to take part in any and every conversation going around you. If you suddenly meet someone very important and find yourself undressed, you lose an opportunity as it creates a bad impression. Also, you might start to feel less confident and acutely focused as your mind will be distracted towards how you are looking. Therefore, dress appropriately and carry yourself with confidence.


Body language

Body language is a very crucial factor that helps you make a very good first impression. Your attitude and posture is something you should take care of any time and every time you meet someone. Even if you are trying to pretend something, unknowingly your body language tells the truth. In most of the conversations, body language is a language that communicates a larger part of content than your conversation actually. The way you position your feet and shoulders, the way you shake a hand with someone should be your concern in general.


Talk wisely

Whenever you are indulging in a conversation, take out a few moments, think and then speak. Always be in search of a better way to present your point of view. It may happen that even if you are correct, due to a bad choice of words, you might seem too rude and arrogant. Always try to involve another person in your conversation, make them comfortable so that they can share their ideas and listen to you with the same enthusiasm. Don’t try to use very hard English words, just try to understand the comfort zone of someone in front of you.


Stay Focused

Whenever you are doing something, you should try to do it with full concentration and dedication. Even when you are having a discussion with someone, if you are interested to try to be completely involved in that conversation, give your opinions and listen to other’s ideas as well. In case you are not interested then don’t force yourself as you will not be able to focus your mind if you are not relating to the work or discussion going on over there. It will indeed leave a bad impression. It will seem like you are disrespecting others’ interests and viewpoints. Just being there is not a good option. Either stay and be useful or else it’s always better to stay away.


Eye contact

Many of us have heard about this in movies and shows, and generally, a notion of romance is associated with it. But let me clear your doubts, whether it be professional or personal, whether it be one to one conversation or one to many, making eye contact is a must. If you are making eye contact with the audience while public speaking, you are involving the audience and arousing their curiosity towards your speech. Making eye contact will always show your seriousness about work. It always reveals how you connect with what others are saying or how you connect to the person to whom you are having a conversation.


Some Final Words

All in all, we see that there are these tiny little things that turn the table. You don’t need to struggle a lot to impress someone. Just keeping in mind some of the above tips and staying honest with whatever you are doing is all you need. It’s not that hard, it’s just a matter of few minutes and how smartly you implement the tips. Be wise with your accent, body language and thoughts and rest all is a cakewalk.