Marriage store released on Netflix in December 2019 and instantly came into news for its storyline. The movie shows how a couple deals with a failed marriage with consistent bickering and daily fighting. All this happens in front of their young child who gets caught in their crossfire.

Couples overall must watch this movie because it does show one of the worst possibilities that can take place between a married couple! It does show the harsh reality that can break relations to the point that it can never be joined again.

The best highlight of this epic story by Noah Baumbach is that they’ve already collected 6 golden globe nominations. The categories being Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actress in a supporting role, Best Screenplay, Best Original picture, Best Motion picture – Drama.

So if you haven’t been convinced already, we will give you a good 5 reasons why this movie on marriage must be on every couple’s Netflix list!


Amazing plot

The plot itself is amazing. The main lead Charlie (Adam Driver) is one of the best New York theater directors. His wife Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) is the lead actor in Charlie’s theater company itself. The story shows a compassionate look at how a marriage breaks up a family.

What we like about “Marriage Story” is how they’ve taken a sensitive topic and created a beautiful story out of it. Their love, arguments, fights, and tears will be felt throughout the movie. There’s a lot of emotion here and hence be ready to feel the pain!


Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson

The second reason to watch this movie is the lead couple Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. Both actors have done some amazing roles in the past with Adam being in the Star Wars series and Scarlett Johansson reprising her role of Black Widow in the Avengers series for a decade.

What we like in this movie is that the lead pair behave so much like a real married couple and their fights and arguments look very authentic. As a couple, you might feel similar to what the couples go through in their happy and sad moments!


ALL the Fighting

One thing that Charlie and Nicole do is love each other a lot and their kid. But one thing that they cannot stop is fighting…all…the…time. These fights escalate and you will see the ugly side of relationships. What’s good is that the direction is so crisp, you will feel like you’re right there sitting and watching a couple that wants to fight like there’s no tomorrow.

What we like about the movie is how they’ve shown each petty and serious fight. Couples will relate to most of the fights and some reactions from the couple might get disturbing as they also end up fighting in front of their child.


Apt for couples that are soon to be OR already married

Marriage Story seems to be apt for couples who are soon to be or already married. We say this because apart from their work life, they also show the day to day living and the happy-sad moments. It cannot get more realistic than this. Unfortunately, we will see the couple fall in love and as their marriage story progresses, you will find them going from bad to worse.

What we like about the movie is that for couples, such movies can be a wake-up call. They might finally understand what it means to be in a marriage. We don’t mean to promote just the fighting. Through this story, you will see a couple falls in love, create a home and live their lives together!


Might not be a good idea for people whose parents have split up

Marriage story will show you the story from 3 perspectives i.e. The Husband, The Wife and also the Child. Yes, you will see how a child is caught up in the middle when the couple is fighting. As a child who might have already seen this in their real life, watching Marriage story might open up old wounds.

What we suggest is that for people who aren’t comfortable with reliving an old experience, you can miss this movie. However, if you do wish to check out the movie for their highly acclaimed performances, please do watch it!