Netflix has a rich variety of content which you can consume for an entire lifetime. They have every genre of movies listed for each type of individual.

Quite recently they have added a lot of children themed movies that are light-hearted and perfect for you to watch with family on a lazy Sunday.

With so many movie options, it can get difficult to choose any one movie to watch. Hence we came up with our own Top 5 list of amazingly cute “Family and Children” based movies on Netflix that you can watch in 2019.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Anyone that has watched a Spider-Man movie will remember this line “Anyone can wear the mask.” That’s the theme of this animated movie that brings in not 1,2 but more than six superheroes from different dimensions that call themselves as Spider-Man. What we like in this movie is how each character is being portrayed.

This movie shows a lot of positivity, the importance of family & friendships and how everyone must be a superhero in their own lives.


Incredibles 2

Incredibles did bring a lot of joy to children all over the world. With superheroes saving the day from the bad guys, the first movie of Incredibles showed the importance of love and family relationships. In the 2nd movie, Pixar added new situations like the father staying home to raise the kids and the mother working and saving the world.

What we like in this movie is how the makers have developed the characters’ emotions and behaviour throughout the movie.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Just imagine if every drop of rainwater will turn into delicious food and fall on the Earth. Would you like that? In this delightful movie, a wannabe scientist’s experiment goes wrong in a very funny way. This movie has a lot of goofy humour, funny jokes, and amazing visuals. What we like in this movie is that it fits every type of audience. Whether you have children at home or love food, this movie surely will bring a smile on your face.



Casper is a movie released back in 1995 as a friendly ghost who is longing to have a friend of his own. Back in the day, spooky movies were always thriller and horror based. But this one stood out of the rest with a cute looking ghost looking to connect with someone. If you were a 90’s kid, we are sure you will relate to the movie and will also have a good laugh. What we like in this movie is that the makers broke the stereotype that every ghost is scary and cannot be trusted. It’s a typical feel-good movie to be watched along and enjoyed with family.


Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph breaks the internet is Disney’s most successful animated movie in recent times. In the first instalment, Ralph managed to break anything and everything to do with arcade gaming. This time around, Ralph will break the INTERNET! Disney has done a fantastic job of maintaining the core characters and also evolving them as the story progresses. What we like in the movie is the story-line, special appearances from other Disney characters and a delightful ending. You surely will enjoy this roller coaster ride.


There are many more animated movies on Netflix which have funny, humorous and intriguing stories to tell. We displayed our Top 5 movies which are enjoyable not only for children but also for adults. We hope you like our collection. If there’s any suggestion you believe must be on this list, please feel free to share it with us below via your comments. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for many more entertaining posts.