Lost in Space is a new Netflix series that has been making a lot of noise in the world of Social Media. As the title suggests, it displays humankind’s most itchy corner i.e. finding if we are the only ones in the galaxy and also finding new places like earth to live. However, we would like you to know that this is not the first time Lost in Space has been created.

Yes, the first time such a series was released was back in the 1960’s. It was then later converted into a movie in 1998 and now in the 21st century has been shown as a Netflix series. So maybe the third time is charm and they did a fantastic job? You will have to witness this yourself and make a decision. But for those looking for a short cut, we will give you 5 factors that will surely convince you to watch this breathtaking Netflix series “Lost in Space”.


It’s Got a lot of Mystery & your attention

Let’s admit it; we all too want to know if we are alone in this galaxy and with the way we are exhausting all our natural resources, in few decades, the earth might not be habitable. Hence mankind might have been born on earth but it doesn’t mean we need to die here!

What we like about the series this time around is that they’ve given a lot of importance to character origins. Also, with a lot of science and technological advancements, it is a fun show full of mystery that should not be missed at any cost.


Hard-hitting Science & Technology

Multiple scientific plots might catch your interest. A lot is going on throughout the series right from saving lives to finding new ways of finding life on planets. For hard sci-fi fans, this series will make you go crazy for sure. Science will be the question and will also solve your problems!

What we like about this series is that the way they’ve shown science and technology is just amazing. We can only imagine how technologically advanced we will be in the coming decade.


New World-Building is So Spot on

Lost in Space is like a journey that is best enjoyed while watching. When you see them building a world for themselves and trying to understand a new environment, you will feel like you are a part of it. Their strength in storytelling is well done and hence seeing the friendship between humans and a humanoid robot will be quite different.

What we like about this series is how they’ve shown our near-earth future and the reason humans want to leave earth! It also opens up a door of possibilities and probabilities! So just sit back and enjoy this futuristic experience because who knows this is what might happen with us!


Each Character brings some Interesting aspect to the table

If you’re expecting 2-3 main characters and the remaining actors just being their sidekicks, then you’re completely wrong. Each character in Lost in Space brings something important to the table. They have their motivations and even women are shown as competent and dynamic individuals looking to help humanity!

What we also like about this series is that they’re diverse. It’s not just white people that rule the show and has prime focus but there’s diversity which we all can appreciate! They have to show all humans on the earth right?

Parker Posey is exceptional as always

Finally, Parker Posey! Yes, for those who don’t know, she’s one of the veteran actors who have graced Hollywood with her amazing acting skills. With her entry in Lost in Space, she plays a Doctor who is like a baddie with gray shades. Her character is complex and has gone through a lot which affects her present decision making moments.

What we like about Parker Posey is her diverse choices in movies which hence help her slip in this role with genuine ease. You will not regret a moment when she is on screen. With this, we end our list of 5 factors that might convince you to watch “Lost in Space” on Netflix. (P.S – The 2nd season is out and shouldn’t be missed either).