Hollywood’s obsession with vampires and zombies is not news to anyone on Planet Earth. The audience always wants to see one movie a year dedicated to blood-sucking, flesh-eating and frantically running zombies looking for their next target.

Over the decades, these movies have evolved more from just pure bloodshed to proper storylines where you will see a history and genesis of why these creatures existed and why they want to kill everyone!

TV Series too have evolved and the fan craze for this has been phenomenal. Recently Netflix had announced a new TV Series titled “V Wars” starring the experienced actor in the vampire segment, Ian Somerhalder! It did release a week ago but boy has it gained the attention of audiences all over the world.

So what makes this TV series special? Isn’t this the same old vampire story where they want to kill all humans and reign supreme? No. This story is more than your regular drama. There’s a hidden agenda here and we will give you exactly 4 good reasons why you must watch V Wars on Netflix now!


Ian Somerhalder of course

Ian Somerhalder is like the regular name in the vampire industry. Having acted in the legendary TV series “Lost”, he then went on to reprise his role as a vampire in “Vampire Diaries”. He received a lot of critics acclaim for this role and had a huge female fan following.

What we like about this series is that Ian Somerhalder is perhaps the best choice to play the lead in V Wars. The show already has attained a fandom purely because of him. Ladies all over the world are waiting to see him as a vampire again and he’s here to entertain them all!


Vampire shows are still in fashion

Well, we must tell you that vampire stories are always in fashion whether it was the 80’s early 2000’s and even this decade. There is an excitement among the audience to understand the lives of vampires and why they only come out in the dark and are afraid of the sun. It indeed is exciting.

What we like about V Wars is that with new concepts of showing the vampire world and community, we will get to see a new story that might change all our perceptions we had about vampires!


Unique storyline

V Wars has an amazing storyline. This is set in a world where a mysterious disease has started affecting some humans. They have now turned into vampires who are looking for murdering, feeding on other humans and transforming many more to join their community.

What we like about the series is that you will see normal people getting pitted against vampires and the quest is for them to find the right balance so everyone lives in harmony. You will see the main lead played by Ian Somerhalder try to find a solution to this problem!


There is a high possibility of a Season 2

Saving the best for the finale, we would like to inform you that there is a high chance that season 2 of V Wars will happen. We feel that there will be more vampires looking to stand their ground and the lead actors will try and find the best solution to maintain peace and harmony.

What we like about this show is that they really have caught the attention of audiences and hence it’s safe to say that V Wars is not just your average vampire based TV show. It’s more than that and hence you must check it out as soon as possible.


We end this post by asking what you think about V Wars and if it’s still the same as other vampire based TV Series? Also, will you watch this series before 2019 ends? Do comment below with your thoughts!