In this world, there are more than seven billion people living. They are varied by many factors like job, location and their behaviors. But, in all cases directly or indirectly their motto of life is BLISS. Everyone faces obstacles in the path of leading a joyful life. It may be due to hostility, annoyance, avoidance, frustrations, fear, etc. Feeling drowned?  Don’t worry. All problems are created with a solution. Habits are developed by taking small steps and these are some most common ones which only need your concentration. Here’s your guide to dive up and feel motivated again. So here are some tips for leading a happy life ahead.


Practice Gratitude

Showing love and care to the ones who are close to you is the best way to feel satisfied. Thank your Parents, Siblings, Friends, Teachers, and God for everything they have always done for you. Prepare a gratitude journal every day and develop a habit to write before going to sleep about what you are thankful for today.



We all know “fake it till you make it” story. By wearing a smile on your face and pretending you are happy will make you a happier person eventually. Smile till your sadness is scared of your positivity. It is also said one attracts what one shows. Thus, by sharing smiles, you will attract happiness too.


Do Meditation

Meditation creates a positive aura around you making you feel peaceful and accomplished. It reduces stress and improves concentration for sure. Meditation is the highest source of ultimate bliss that will make your life in the best way. Incorporating meditation will surely improve your overall lifestyle and bless you with the best life ever.


Go For A Walk

Go out in nature. Praise the beauty and take in some good air. Walk aimlessly without thinking about anything but your happiness. Walking to the way to the office or home doesn’t count. Go for a walk just to enjoy the simple act of walking. It will not only be helpful for your body but will also help your heart to get the required fresh air.


Plan your day ahead

Before starting any of your work, spare some time in planning your day. Do one thing at a time. Complete the work you started. Do not procrastinate. Take baby steps. It keeps you stress-free and ready to take on new opportunities. It will always help you create a clutter-free life for yourself.


Forgive everyone

Forgiveness is the bravest and hardest thing one can ever do. But it is not impossible. Do it for yourself. Let go of the feeling of resentment and vengeance. Instead, spend time loving yourself and finding the ‘true you’. There is no way you should be having any bad feelings for anyone.


Learn from your experiences

Learning is the best way to keep you busy and away from negativity. Spend time learning new things. It enhances your knowledge and leaves no space for unhealthy thoughts. Always be mindful of your actions. Have a clear mind about learning from every small mistake you commit.


Live in the Present

Another way to live a blissful life is only living in the present. Do not let the past haunt you or future scare you. Focus on the work you do today. If you rectify your acts today you will not have to chase your future. You should always be worried only about your present.


Spare some time for yourself

Spend a little time alone with yourself. Switch off your phone for some time. Reconnect to yourself. Leave everything and listen to the noises in your head. Clear your thoughts. Cover them with happiness. This will calm you and give you the power to think better. Once you do this, you will have a crystal-clear mindset.


Have Faith in yourself

Ultimately, your ability to create bliss in your life will be determined by your belief in yourself. Life is a road of extreme ups and downs. If you stumble, make it a part of your dance and you will enjoy forming new steps. Never give up. Never feel low and if ever you feel that your energy levels are low, think about how you came out of the situation last time.