Winter is coming! Remembering Game of Thrones, we must brace ourselves as the coldest and the most happening season is about to start – winter! Traveling during this season is considered to be a blissful experience.

When it comes to Europe, many places are just too good and during the winter, they just get a new look altogether. Some of these places are hidden gems and some are popular destinations. So, with winter just a few weeks away, we decided to make a list of Top 10 places in Europe that you can visit during the winter and enjoy it!

Canary Island

Canary island is warm during the winter. The whole island is supposed to be part of Spain and has always been one unique destination for the wintertime. For people that love nature, surfing, and beaches, this is the place to visit.

What we like about this place is that you will not find a crowd here always which allows you to have an amazing time exploring the area.

Lisbon, Portugal

Who wouldn’t want to visit Lisbon? Whether it’s their culture, foodie paradise or even the nightlife, Lisbon has something for everyone. What’s best is the fact that the winter months are not flooded with tourists so you can get a lot of free space here and enjoy it.

What we like about Lisbon is the colorful city that is always lively and waiting to surprise you with its charm.

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko is one of the topmost places in Europe that you can get to using a train. This place in Sweden is for serious winter lovers. It’s cold, it’s dark and you can go cross country skiing too.

What we like about Abisko is that during winters, the sun might not rise for several days and weeks. But don’t worry, the darkness helps as you can view the best aurora lights show and it’s phenomenal.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is one of the most romantic places during winter. Well, we can’t deny it as the whole city of Copenhagen looks like a 19th century styled theme park.

What we like about this place is that during winters you can have a good time at picturesque cafes and bars watching the snowflakes fall outside. It’s quite a sight.

Jasná, Slovakia

Jasna in Slovakia is one of the most affordable places on this list. You can go skiing at a cheaper cost and the stay + food is very reasonable for budget travelers.

What we like is that Slovakia has a lot of beauty in terms of nature, mountains, and snow to offer to anyone who loves winter at a very cheap cost!

Granada, Spain

Do you want an amazing cold place in Spain during the winter? Then visit Granada. Even though they’re sunny all along the year, the whole city is colder at Christmas. What we like about Granada is the Sierra Nevada, mountains and greenery which looks nothing less than a Picasso painting in real life.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is like a city full of castles. For couples, we feel this is one of the Top Places to visit during the winter season. What we like about Prague is that it’s usually not so crowded with tourists and hence you can enjoy walking around and exploring its beauty.

Munich, Germany

Munich has old buildings, Bavarian culture and a lot of beer! It also happens to be one of the most crowded places during Winter owing to its popularity among tourists. What we like about Munich is how they are quite welcoming!

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a hidden gem on our list. Almost besides Germany but considered to be within France this place has historic canals, buildings and old cities like Colmar and Besancon. What we like about this place is that it’s quite unexplored. Also, it’s quite romantic!

London, England

London has museums, a variety of coffee, hardly any sunshine, and locals that will welcome you with all their heart. This is the most cheerful place where winter is enjoyed to the fullest. What we like about them is their hospitality and also that the whole city will be covered with snow and lights!