The wedding day is undoubtedly the best day of a woman’s life. It is the day when you want everything to be just perfect. Whether it is the fitting of your dress or the centerpieces, you want them all to be the way you had imagined. However, it is equally important that you feel your best on your D day. You will be beaming and shining if you are happy from within.

Here is how can you feel your happiest on your wedding day.


Test and finalize your look

You are going to be a busy bee on the morning of your wedding. Apart from wishing that everything goes as planned, your mind will have a million thoughts running through it. At that point, you don’t want to be deciding which hairstyle or lipstick to wear. It will be helpful to try on the entire look at least once before the wedding day.

If you are asking a girlfriend to help you with the hairdo, ask her to practice on your hair. Talk to other women who have been there and avoid what didn’t work for them. Also, don’t forget those accessories and other details that will be a part of your look.


Stay away from new beauty products

The week before your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a new beauty product. After all, you don’t want to wake up with a new zit or a rash on the day when you want to look your best. Don’t even try a new mask or shape your eyebrows a day before your wedding. It is best to stick to your usual routine and avoid any mishaps.


Get lots of sleep

We know it is easier said than done. You have already done your best in planning the wedding. Instead of losing sleep over what you can’t control, we suggest that you put on some soothing sleep music and get 8 hours of shut-eye. Not just a day or two before the wedding but in the entire week before it. Your well-rested face will be glowing naturally on the wedding day.


Eat well

It is crucial to eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of your wedding day. Have some carbs as it’s going to be a long day, and you don’t want to fall low on sugar. It will also help to pack a few healthy snacks with you. Like most couples, you will get busy meeting the people and taking photos and miss your meals. The easiest is to carry nuts to get your dose of carbs, protein, and sugars to glide through the day.

Similarly, eat well in the week before your wedding. Pack all the nutrients in your meals so that you feel energetic on the final day. Avoid sugars, white carbs, and junk food as they can have the reverse effect on your system.


Stay hydrated

The worst advice anyone can give is to avoid water to avoid bloating. Avoid too many salts or foods that don’t agree with you to avoid bloating. It is crucial to stay hydrated not just to feel healthy but also to get that natural glow. If possible, sip hot lemon water throughout the day and you won’t feel your stomach bulging out.



Go to your wedding with a calm and relaxed mind. To achieve that, take out 10 minutes in the morning for a short meditation. Focus on your breathing so that you stay in the present. Practice it in the weeks before your wedding for maximum benefits.


Get rid of your phone

Lastly, do not make the mistake of carrying your phone on the final day. People will be calling to ask for directions or to confirm the timings. You may even get distracted by social media posts. To avoid such disturbances, hand it over to a family member or your bridesmaid.

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